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All life depends on plants. They provide us the clean air that we breathe, pure water, shelter, and the garments we wear. They are also the sources of medicines, those known and undiscovered. Botanical gardens were created in order to illustrate the relationships that exist within different plant groups.

They are basically a collection of various plants, but in recent times, most gardens exhibit ornamental types. Those that had medicinal value or were extremely important are now categorized for historical interest and are not placed as a contemporary collection. You may want to check out to read more about botanical gardens.

The Objective of a Botanical Garden

The major objective of a botanical garden is to have extensive plant collections labeled with scientific and common names, as well as their origins. Depending on the available land and finances at your disposal, you can have plant collections varying between hundreds to thousands of different varieties.

As the world becomes more urbanized, these gardens are gaining more recognition as essential cultural resources. They offer city dwellers parts of the natural environment that they no longer have access to. They also offer a mental escape from the daily pressures of life and suggest novel hobbies and interests related to the natural space.

Some plants grow seasonally while others are affected by climate change. Therefore, to ensure their continued existence and the benefits we derive from them, there is a need to create a safe growing arena – the greenhouse.

What is a Greenhouse?

It is a building for growing plants under controlled situations. The building can be a small structure or a very large one. The concept dates to the Roman era when Emperor Tiberius requested the addition of Armenian cucumber to his daily meal. His gardeners used a system that was similar to the modern greenhouse to ensure his request was granted.

A greenhouse works by reducing the flow of thermal energy out of the structure. It impedes the already absorbed heat from escaping through convection. You can either use plastic or glass to construct the greenhouse since they allow the entrance of sunlight.

The sunlight keeps the interior of the structure warm as it heats the ground. This warm ground warms the air in the structure, which continues to heat the plants because the air cannot escape from the building. You may want to visit this website to learn more about how greenhouses work.

Benefits of Greenhouse in a Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Greenhouse

The following are benefits of installing a greenhouse in a botanical garden:

1. Grow a Variety of Plants

Greenhouses allow farmers and botanists to grow various plants, from fresh organic flowers, exotic plants, vegetables, house plants, bulb plants to different kinds of seedlings. You can grow different things each year or a mixture of plants at a time.

2. Consistent Gardening

The structure allows you to ignore and evade every weather condition and seasonal change all through the year. As a result, long droughts, excessive rains, or extreme temperatures do not pose problems for you and the plants in the greenhouse. The structure offers so much flexibility to undertake any type of gardening.

3. Plant Protection

Planting within a controlled environment offers protection from the infestation of pests like spider mites, locust swarms, and tent caterpillars, among others. You can ensure that the plants stay happy and healthy year-round.

4. Optimum Environment

Plants love humid and warm environments. You can achieve this using the greenhouse to enhance proper growth. The essence of this structure is to secure a good amount of water vapor and heat so that it maintains the required humidity and warmth.

5. Excellent Garden Design

Just like pergolas and gazebos, you can achieve an excellent design that suits your garden landscape. This saves you time and money spent on designing a garden layout as there are structures of different shapes and sizes. The space you will create with a greenhouse adds a visual appeal and functionality to the outdoor area.

6. Saves Money

Every spring, you can spend a lot of money on plants that may not fill the entire garden. But with a greenhouse, you can have many seeds to grow whenever you want. In most cases, the seeds are more than they can contain. Therefore, a botanical garden greenhouse saves you more money.

7. Provides a Healthy Space

Staying in a natural environment is a good escape from daily stress and pressures. And owning a greenhouse provides that natural escape. It can help to alleviate seasonal affective disorders. It can also uplift your spirit when you’re feeling down.


A botanical garden helps to preserve various plant varieties from going into extinction especially those with medicinal properties. However, with the effect of climate change today, botanical gardens need to find a way to secure their live plant collections. Installing greenhouses is a sure method of achieving that.


The Importance of Greenhouse in a Botanical Garden

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