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How To Transform The Look Of Your New Home On A Low Budget

If you’ve got a strict budget to live on after just moving into a new home, you’re not alone! Many more people in the current buying generation are having to carefully count their pennies when they become homeowners for the first time, and it’s hard to try and decorate your property when there are only a couple of hundred dollars to go around overall!

What can you do here, to maximize the money you’re working with? It’s all in your own DIY skills, smart money skills, and doing the most with the least as you rebuild your savings account. Trust us, your home can look great when you can only fork out a couple of dollars here and there!

So with all that in mind, here’s how to transform the look of your new home on a low budget. 

Cleaning Goes a Long Way

This is the first thing to do, no matter what kind of budget you’re working with! Because if you don’t have a clean foundation to work with, you’re going to make a lot of costly mistakes along the way. So prepare your supplies early. At the least, make sure you’ve got a broom, a mop, and some anti-bac wipes in your arsenal, and work from top to bottom.

Check for Cracks and Holes

Your new home may be in need of some repairs, and it’s best to go around now and check out where the cracks and holes are living. You’ll need to fill them first, to ensure no further structural damage happens, and you’ll also need to keep an eye on how far deep this kind of damage may go.

As such, you may want to brush up on your DIY skills. Pulling off some basic DIY repairs is essential when you’re working with a low budget, so look up how to do some of the most common fixes right now. For example, how to patch drywall, how to hang some bookshelves, or how to plumb in your sink and toilet on your own.

Faux Materials Look Great

Faux materials are ten times cheaper than their real counterparts, but they’re also just as good-looking as the real stuff too. Faux velvet curtains, or faux marble and/or granite countertops, are all great additions to a home. Take a look around local DIY stores and online retailers to see what faux items are out there.

Artificial plants are a popular pick here, and so are fake wood, fake stone, and fake tiles. Simply put, if you like the look of these materials, buy the faux versions and save your budget for another day.

You Probably Won’t Need Carpets For a While

If you want to carpet your new home, hold off on buying any patches just yet! Sure, you could get enough material for each room and then lay them yourself, but this is a hard task to do if you’ve never tried it before. And a professional installation tends to be pricey, so simply hold off until your budget is in a better place.

So for the time being, work with the wood surface you’ve got. You can paint over them, sand them down and gloss them, or simply use rugs to help keep your rooms warm. Plus, wood finishes are incredibly pleasing to look at, so you won’t miss out on a good interior style here either.

Paint Your Doors

Then it’s time to paint your doors. The front door, most of all, will benefit here. Even if it’s an older, vintage piece that seems a little scuffed and faded, a splash of paint is all you really need. Start by using a bit of sandpaper to make sure the surface is smooth, but then buy the color paint you want to use and coat the wood in it.

You may also need to re-varnish the wood, but the quality of the door will let you know if that’s necessary; an exterior door usually benefits, thanks to the weather, but interior doors will usually do just fine without.

Transforming the look of your home should never be impossible. Even a low budget is something you can work with! So start the epic transformation with ideas like those above; anything bigger can wait for a little while. Start small and easy and then work your way up – a bit of DIY goes a long way. Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’ve put so much personal effort into your new home!


13 thoughts on “How To Transform The Look Of Your New Home On A Low Budget

  • Great tips!! It always amazes me how a little paint, or just some touch-up can make things look like new! 🙂

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  • I need to touch up some parts of the house for sure. And I am all about faux everything, ha.

  • We recently painted our front door and that made a huge difference to the rest of the exterior of our home! It was such a cheap easy upgrade.

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  • These are some fun tips for redecorating! I hate carpet and one of the perks to our new home was it had no carpet except on the stairs .

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