Whenever we’re going on a trip, the packing is more like a chore than it is a chance of thinking ahead for ourselves. We know we have to get it done before we leave, but honestly, most of us just leave it until the last minute. It’s because we have so many things to pack, so many different areas of the packing that we’re conscious will take a lot of thinking. It’s about this time we regret buying so much stuff, and rather than have all those little things for each purpose, we’d rather have kept it to the bare essentials. Your dog just looks on and even he or she is confused at all the stuff you’re taking. You may even glance over at your dog just lying there and wish you could be such a simple creature that you don’t need much at all to live a normal life. Things need not be this complicated. Streamline your holiday plans with your pets to minimize your effort for the same end result you want.

Keep it simple for your dog, and keep it simple for you too. The two categories of clothing you need to think of for your dog when it comes to weather is rain and cold. Pretty much everything else falls into place if you buy the right kind of gear. One coat for your dog should be for traveling on foot in harsh weather, such as wind and rain. It could be like a windbreaker or something that’s snug and made out of tough man-made fibers. The other is for snow and frosty climates, where your dog needs help to keep his or her body heat at optimal temperatures. And in honesty, that’s pretty much all you need if all you’re doing is traveling. Something for when it rains, something for when it’s cold. The rest of our clothes are purely cosmetic, we just want to look good in them.

The Streamlined Way Of Traveling With Pets

Reduce stress

Your dog is going to be locked up in a cage of some sort so that they’re protected on the flight. Dogs and planes are a bit of a toss-up in the air with regards to how calm they’re going to be. Some dogs are fine, but others feel a heightened sense of anxiety. Dogs By Nina keeps it simple and gives advice on the whole plane journey preparation. From the correct papers at customs to quick and easy identification and what kind of toys you could give your dog while they’re up in the air at 30,000 feet.

Keep occupied

A dog will fidget around and work themselves up. It’s understandable as they’re in a strange cargo hold, they don’t know what’s going on and they hear strange noises such as jet engines. Keep them occupied with a treat such as a pig’s ear or something delicious to chew on. The more they find comfort in eating a treat they have to work for, they keep their mind off the uncomfortable environment they’re in.

Traveling with your dog shouldn’t be any hassle at all. Keep their packing simple so you’re packing is simple too. Streamline their clothing and don’t bring their whole home with them.


The Streamlined Way Of Traveling With Pets

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