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The Unusual Friendship Day Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Chocolates and ear-rings are so regular when it comes to planning for the best Friendship Day gift for your best friend. How about doing something out of the box and gift something quirky this Friendship Day? This article has put together unique gifts and experiences that will surely impress the friend of your life.

Day-out for an adventurous activity:

If your bestie is an ideal example of an adventure lover, take him out to try something really unique which he hasn’t tried ever. There are different types of adventure sports activities that you can opt for and some of the really bone-chilling adventure activities are water rafting paragliding or an overnight camping with fireflies. Nothing could be a better experience for you than planning for such adrenaline boosting activities with your bestie. There are many websites that customize the adventure-filled travel packages with your childhood buddies.

Visit an art and craft workshop:

If your friend is very much into the art, crafts, and DIY, buy her a coupon for a canvas painting workshop, pottery workshop or a paper quilling experience. Planning such activity will really help your friend to have a quick learning experience and your bestie will have his/her painting or clay creations as a great memorabilia of the day.

Fitness workshop:

Does your friend really love sports or any kind of physical activities? How about buying a voucher for the beginner archery class with your best friend? There are different online sites that offer beginner online classes on various self-defense activities like Kick-Boxing, Kalarippayattu etc.

Luxury Spa treatment:

Who wouldn’t like to spend a entire relaxing day getting a very comforting message at the spa? From ancient Ayurvedic message to exotic Swedish or Balinese spa or message, there are different types of options available for you to choose for your best friend. You can either buy a coupon from the popular websites or simply go for a booking an appointment for a well know spa where you can spend a quality and relaxing time with your best friend.

Send a delicious cake to your friend’s place:

The sweet taste of a tender and moist cake made with the best quality of ingredients can fill your best friend’s life with pure joy and happiness. How about sending a well decorated and sumptuous Friendship Day cake to your best friend? If you search online, you will find a lot of online cake stores that allow you to send a Friendship Day special cake from the comfort of your home.

Invite your friend for a lunch date:

If your friend is a true foodie and always keeps telling you about the new restaurants in the town or cafe, invite him/her to a lunch date to the newest cafe in the town. You can simply invite him/her for an exotic lunch experience at the fine dining restaurant in your town.

Membership to a well-known library:

If your friend is a book lover, nothing could be a better gift for your friend than giving a membership plan to the most popular library in your town.

Now you might have gotten some of the amazing and out of the box Friendship Day gift ideas for your best friend and it’s time to pamper your bestie with any of such gifts as mentioned above.

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