Stuck in a Rut? You May Just Need Some Excitement

It’s easy to forget that we’re not supposed to spend our days commuting, sitting in an office, tidying up, and then making a quick meal before crashing into bed. In the olden days, our days would be naturally diverse and engaging (though of course not always in good ways). Now, we can find ourselves functioning on autopilot, just going through the motions, sometimes for weeks at a time! This is what we call being “in a rut,” and it can be pretty dull. But good news! To bust out of the rut isn’t so difficult; you just need to inject some excitement into your life. Below, we take a look at some ways to get excitement into your life.

Trying Something New

No-one gets into a rut when they’re young, and that’s because they’re always trying new things. As adults, we tend to fall back onto what we know we like to do. As such, we can go for years without trying a new activity or hobby! But branching out to try something new has many benefits – it sharpens your mind, exposes you to new ways of thinking, and, yes, injects some excitement into your life. Give it a go!

Mix Up Your Commute

Nowhere is that “autopilot” idea more present than in our commute. We listen to the same radio station in the car, walk the same streets to the office, and, well, that’s about it. Mix up your commute even slightly, and you’ll notice a difference. Mix it up a lot, and there’ll be a new spring in your step. If you’re driving, look at taking a different route, or car share with other people. If you walk, look at getting a hoverboard like those available at Your journey to and from work will never be tedious again!

Meeting New People

We know we know: new people can suck. But there was a time when your current crop of friends was “new” too, and look how well meeting them turned out for you! People can expose you to new ways of thinking and introduce you to concepts and activities that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. Don’t underestimate the impact a new friend can have on your life! Look at joining a club or attending a event if you don’t know where to find new people.

A New Destination

It’s safe to say that the western pioneers never got stuck in a rut. They were always exploring and finding new things! So OK, the world has been pretty well mapped now, so can’t be pioneers, but we can do the next best thing: travel. Nothing will restore your energy and lust for life like a trip to a new part of the world.

A Bigger Perspective

Finally, think about getting some perspective. This isn’t as obviously exciting as the other options, but it can be pretty spellbinding to think about how much you have to be thankful for in your life. It’ll make the world seem new.

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