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Tips on Choosing a Floor Screeding Contractor

If you are in the process of remodeling your home’s flooring, finding a contractor is a significant decision. Many will advertise the cheapest quotes or the fastest turnaround time. But how are you guaranteed that you are hiring the best? There are many factors involved in construction that are often beyond anyone’s control. What is more critical in choosing a screeding contractor is that you are getting your money’s worth.

Your primary goal here is to ensure high-quality results and a reasonable price and timeframe of completion. In narrowing down your selection of floor screeding contractors, you need to ask the following essential questions.

What is their level of residential screeding experience?

The first consideration in selecting a screeding contractor is their experience. Is the contractor more inclined to accept and work on commercial projects? The approach used in large projects differs from that of smaller residential projects. You will want a contractor with a more personal approach and who can handle your constant input. As a homeowner, you need to be able to see a versatile body of work that involves both small and big clients.

Does the contractor guarantee the quality of materials and work completed?

Getting a guarantee from the contractor is your insurance in case something goes wrong after the work is completed. If the contractor is confident in the quality of materials they use as well as the expertise of their workers, they will be happy to offer you a warranty. If the contractor provides a warranty, you also need to make sure that it complies with government regulations and is certified by Trustmark.

Does the contractor use advanced equipment and technology?

A reputable contractor will be happy to let you know about the equipment and technology they use. The latest and best technology, materials, and equipment will ensure the best results. Every step of the screeding process requires attention. From preparing the floors, mixing the liquid screed, application, and finishing, the contractor should employ the same level of care and expertise.

Will the contractor hire experienced workers?

In addition to hiring experienced workers, the contractor should also assign a project manager. Even for residential projects, a project manager is essential to monitor progress. As the homeowner, you will have more confidence in the contractor if there is a manager on-site at all times. This way, you can point out issues and concerns which the workers can address right away.

How long with it take to complete the project

Another consideration in selecting a contractor is their ability to provide a specific project completion outline and time-frame. They should be able to give you an estimate of when they can start and finish the project. There should be detailed information on each stage of the project and the expected progress as the work commences. It helps if you can visualize how the contractor plans to approach the job, and if there are alternative methods proposed which can speed up the completion. Reputable contractors will give you options so that you can decide which approach best fits your needs and your budget.


Tips on Choosing a Floor Screeding Contractor

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