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Tips to Choose Quality Wooden Furniture

Choosing fine quality wooden furniture is not just a décor essential but also important for its durability. The furniture you pick for your home should have timeless quality and style so that it can last you many years. This is the reason you must consider factors like construction and type of wood when selecting furniture pieces.

If you are ready to invest in new wooden furniture, then you should consider something that will not fail you for at least a few years. However, to do that, you should be able to judge its quality by simply looking at it. You need to check for signs such as construction, stability, joint composition etc.

According to experts from HomeandTimber.com, here are some tips that will help you make an informed selection from a wide range of choices.

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Check Out the Wood Source

Wooden furniture could be made of engineered wood, softwood, hardwood etc. While hardwood is exceptional in quality and durability, it is also an expensive option. This is why many people choose engineered wood that can offer similar kind of look and feel at half the price. The trick, however, is that it should use good veneer to maintain its strength over the years. Most common type of engineered wood is plywood. The cheaper alternatives include MDF and particle boards, but they do not hold up against humidity and hot temperatures, making them vulnerable to damage.

Look into Characteristics of Wood Once you know the wood source, you will be able to tell its characteristics as well. Each kind of wood is distinctive in its own ways. Take a professional’s help, if needed, to identify the grain and ensure that it is the right quality. When the patterns are more discernible, they often indicate superior quality that obviously comes at a price. Hardwood has the most distinctive grain pattern, making them the most expensive type of wood.

Construction of Wooden Furniture

The construction is the next important consideration because it will define how the furniture will look. It also defines its functionality and how long it will stay with you. Be sure to assess the furniture in these parameters to guarantee that it meets your needs.

Final Touches

The wooden furniture you finally want to buy should be evaluated on three parameters – sanding, staining, and finishing. After the final touches, the surface should be smooth and show the grain as well.

Wood Color

Despite the finishing touches, the wooden furniture should retain its actual look with its original color. If you see a piece of furniture that looks fake, then steer clear and keep looking. It is important for the grain to be visible and the piece to look natural for it to appear graceful in your home.

Furniture Design

When choosing a timeless design, remember that simplicity is the key. A professionally crafted piece will look smooth and natural that will add to your home’s splendor. The design should not only be aesthetic and elegant, but also functional for you to consider it.


Since fine quality wooden furniture can be expensive, it is important for it to be under warranty. Even though solid wooden furniture will be strong and durable, a warranty is necessary to give you the manufacturer’s assurance that it will last you well. If you are not getting a warranty, then you should either ask for it or continue looking for someone who does.

Other Signs of Quality

The finish should not only be smooth but also consistent all across the furniture piece. If it looks shoddy in some portions, then treat it as a red flag. If you are buying an antique piece, then you can overlook the scars as far as they do not impact the overall appearance of the furniture. However, make sure that these marks are repairable. Also, check for the weight of furniture. Good quality wood is heavier than the poor quality one.

There are many ways to test the quality of a good piece of furniture. It should feel stable, sturdy, and durable. A wobbly piece is fine if it is an antique. However, it should not be anything your seller cannot fix. Another important thing to consider is quality of joints construction. Stable joints indicate high-quality construction.

These tips may seem like common sense but it is often overlooked by many people when they are struggling with budget and time. Do not pay for anything that doesn’t add value to your money. You deserve nothing but the best!

6 thoughts on “Tips to Choose Quality Wooden Furniture

  • Great tips. It’s nice to know what to look for so we aren’t tricked into buying a cheap look-alike.

  • It’s good that you mentioned hardwood has the most distinctive grain pattern which indicates its superior quality. Now I know what to look for when buying a wooden furniture. We plan to buy wooden furniture for my daughter’s new apartment near her university.

  • This is quite a trove of interesting, insightful information!

  • It really helped when you said that buying a wooden furniture with a warranty will assure you that the manufacturer is confident that their product will last for a long time. I will definitely keep that in mind when I start looking for a wooden furniture this coming weekend so that I will only buy an item that is durable enough. We just needed new pieces of furniture for our new property which will become the family’s vacation house. Thanks!

  • I was looking for a good source of reference in finding wooden furniture and I found your post Libby. This is quite an interesting insight and I will definitely watch out for those shoddy portions. I’m wondering if you have any opinions about wooden floor and laminate flooring?

  • I like how you said that simplicity is the key to choosing wooden furniture with a timeless style. My husband and I bought a cabin recently and want to find wooden decor and furniture to decorate it in a fitting way. I’m glad I read your article because I think keeping simplicity in mind will help us get a great end result.


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