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Transform Your Home With These Trending Paint Colors

Give your house a new look by painting it. This guide to paint color trends can help you select the ideal shade to match your taste, whether you’re searching for neutrals or aggressive hues.

Natural shades like terra cotta and soft greens are popular this year. These calming colors can add a warm and inviting feel to rooms. They also pair well with wood tones and neutrals.

Terra Cotta

The terracotta paint color trend is based on baked clay, and it’s perfect for those who want to give their home a Mediterranean feel. These warm colors read more orange than red and pair well with earthy tones like brown, sage, and muddier greens.

It pairs with contrasting blues across the color wheel, but it’s also great with greens and even some yellows. 

Consider getting a sample of the paint color you’re considering from painters in Burlington to test it out in your space. Room lighting and other factors can impact how the color appears. Additionally, choosing accents and furniture in the same color can help create a cohesive look rather than a disjointed one.

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is an epiphytic plant, meaning it grows without soil by clinging to tree limbs or structures and absorbing nutrients and moisture through its leaves. This makes it easy to display and is often used creatively.

It grows on various trees, including oak, cypress, and pine. It also drapes gracefully from tree branches, creating a very distinctive look.

Indoors, mist it three or four times a week to keep it moisturized. It can be soaked for 30 minutes to 1 hour once every 1-2 weeks during the spring and summer and less frequently in fall and winter.

Water Blue

A wide spectrum of blue shades can evoke anything from sky-high clouds to lakeside tranquility. While icy blues have long been a go-to for designers, pale shades with cool gray undertones are also quickly gaining popularity.

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue is a soothing shade that mimics the color of the sky and sea. Although bold shades of blue can have a dramatic effect, ocean blues are calming and relaxing. The ocean is blue because water absorbs colors in the red part of the light spectrum, leaving behind a softer, bluer hue.

Design professionals use this color on cabinets, trim, built-in shelving, and front doors.


Beiges may have been ‘out’ for a while, but many homeowners love them now. Especially lighter beiges with neutral undertones. These neutral wall paints pair beautifully with reds, blues, greens, and browns.

When choosing a beige wall color, examining it under different lighting conditions is important. It can look very different than a sample at the paint store. Also, remember that if you are looking for a light beige, ask your paint store to formulate it at half-strength.


Greige is a neutral that allows bold accent pieces to shine. It can also create a soothing, comfortable space ideal for open-plan rooms or homes with a more formal aesthetic.

A light greigecan shift between warm and cool undertones depending on lighting conditions, as shown in this cozy living room. This shade pairs beautifully with a wood table and chalky accessories, creating a serene and welcoming space.

Homeowners love these greige shades because they can work with any décor style. Greige is especially popular for updating 90s-era homes with oak trim and cabinets and working with the warm tones of wood floors and furniture.


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