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Travel Oregon

I’ve always wanted to travel through the Pacific Northwest.  Oregon appeals to me because of the intense green colors, lush woodlands and a much different coast line that what we are used to in the East.  I have friends who have lived in Mount Hood, Seattle and it’s outlying areas.  They loved the climate and the people.

If you are thinking about doing some traveling…

think Oregon.


Travel Oregon

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15 thoughts on “Travel Oregon

  1. ive always wanted to go to Oregon it seems like such a relaxing place 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing about it! xoxo

  2. I have spent a lot of time in Oregon, but that blue pool is not something I have seen. Stunning. I would not leave 🙂

  3. Libby, If you’re thinking Oregon is nice, head just a bit further north and visit Washington. Both have many beautiful places!

  4. My sister lives in Seattle, Washington. She has brought me to Oregon a couple of times via car. I am always stunned by the beauty of BOTH states!! It truly is God’s country!! She even travels to Alaska. Every time I think of begging my sister to come back, I remember the beauty, mountains, nature & the solitaire – when you need it – & I just can’t bring myself to do it!! If I didn’t have my kids & grandkids here, I would definitely consider moving there!!

  5. I’ve always wanted to travel to Oregon, and so manageable from where I live in Las Vegas, not such a far plane ride! Portland calls to me.

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