Types of Sinker EDM Services

Electrical discharge processing is a machining method that allows metals of all types to be changed mechanically in ways that can’t be achieved through traditional processing methods. Using this process makes it possible to perform delicate and complex cuts that are impossible with other machining procedures. Also, these can be made in fine tolerance.

EDM method is suitable for high-precision work. It’s also used to make delicate items, hard machined conductive metal molds, complex metal parts, etc. The two types of EDM processing commonly found in welding and sheet metal fabrication are wire and sinker electrical discharge machining. Check this source for more information on EDM method. http://www.stampingsimulation.com/

Sinker Machines

Machining with Sinker EDM is an electro-mechanical production technique used primarily in the production industry to speed up injection molding. It’s the process for making outputs in high volumes, almost without limit.

The electrode and the workpiece are the two essential tools of every sinker EDM machine. These are attached to a hydraulic tap that pumps the workpiece into the feedline. The workpiece moves through the feedline to reach the electrode. As the work progresses, the metal piece gets covered with particles removed from the workpiece. But in a matter of milliseconds, it’s cleaned and prepared to get the final coating.

Both electrode and workpiece are put in a liquid supposed to act as a cooling agent, most commonly oil or dielectric water. The electrode is under high voltage, which generates an electric potential between the parts. In that discharge, sparks are formed. They often collide, raising the working temperature.

A dielectric fluid and air are pumped into the feedline to provide a controlled dielectric environment for the workpiece. Pulse technology is used in some worksites to control the flow of fluid. This type of EDM works well when large areas of change are involved in the workpiece’s fabrication.

When to Use Sinker EDM

These machines remove any sort of material from the workpiece without affecting its mechanical properties. In other words, the material doesn’t get deformed or distorted while undergoing any operation. The most common types of material removed by these machines include hard and soft metals, plastic, rubber, etc.

If you need to mill round parts, smooth out convex curves, or produce complex shapes, tight tolerances of sinkers are essential. These allow for less fatigue on the outputs while making a large volume of identical parts on time.

Besides removing any unwanted material from the workpiece, the sinker EDM services can also help create perfect seals with the help of the dielectric fluid. This way, the performance of the machinery gets enhanced to a great extent.

Wire EDM

Sinker EDM Services

Wire EDM is the oldest type of EDM, and the earliest known applications were for making railroad tracks. The process uses wire strings to cut the material and then weld the ends together. As the wire is drawn across the work surface, the material is automatically pulsed with alternating current, making it highly reliable and durable. Since the material is pulse cut by CNC machinery, the overall process time and material cost are significantly reduced.

These machines are using power-charged strings to make more precise cuts. Only electrically conductive metals can be processed this way, even if they’re super hard, like steel or titanium. An interesting fact is that wire doesn’t touch the workpiece at all.

Similar to sinkers, an electrode in wire EDM makes a spark and heats up. Wire melts and cuts the metal, and water flushes all the debris. In this case, the wire is consumable. Its addition, whenever necessary, allows stable operation of the wire machine and high output precision.

The wire is fed into the die through metal inserts called wire feeders. It’s then compressed to form loops, strands, or circles, depending on the application. These machines are highly accurate even in processing soft metals like aluminum and copper.

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There are several types of EDM machines, and all of them are fast, precise, and reliable. They also provide stable work and good handling. When used for metal processing, they are computer-controlled. With the necessary software, these machines cut out almost any metal design you can imagine.

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