Vacation Or Staycation? Which Option Is Best For Your Family?

Many of us started the year with grand plans to trot around the globe. While travel plans may have been put on ice for a while, there are signs that it’s safe to start making plans again. If you’re keen to take a break this summer, or you’re looking for ideas for the fall, you might be wondering whether to book a vacation or a staycation. Hopefully, this guide will help you make a decision. 

Vacation Or Staycation? Which Option Is Best For Your Family?

Staying close to home

A staycation is an increasingly popular option for travelers of all ages. There are several benefits of staying close to home, especially at a time when it’s not possible to travel everywhere due to border restrictions and COVID-19 safety measures. Here are some excellent reasons to explore your local area and some ideas to give you inspiration if you’re deciding what to do on your staycation. 

Advantages of a staycation

One of the most significant benefits of organizing a staycation is cutting travel time. Rather than spending hours waiting around at the airport and flying from one country to another, you can start enjoying your trip straight away. Minimizing travel time also reduces costs, giving you more money to spend on days out, activities or excursions. Another advantage of a staycation is getting to know the town, city or state you live in better. Many of us are keen to spread our wings when we have time off, and often, this means that we miss out on exploring locally and discovering treasures on our doorstep. If you’ve traveled extensively, but you’ve never been to museums, beaches or national parks within a couple of hours’ drive from your home, now is the time to cross them off your list. 

Highway in the mountains at sunset - vacation or staycation

Brilliant staycation ideas

This summer, many families will be looking to enjoy a break without jumping on a plane or spending hours in the car. For a memorable staycation with your kids, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings or friends, why not consider these ideas?


Camping is a fantastic way to bring families and groups of friends together without blowing the budget. You can camp near national parks, on the coast or close to areas of natural beauty and you can create an itinerary to suit individuals with a wide range of interests. All you need to go camping is a tent, some suitable outdoor clothing, plenty of food and drinks, sleeping bags and extra blankets. Look online for the best canvas tents, pack layers and sturdy shoes and make your trip more fun with extras like outdoor games and speakers to play music. If you choose to go camping, you can try activities like rock climbing, kayaking and cycling, as well as chilling out by the fire and spending quality time together. 

To get started you can always visit Outdoor Play which offers a wide variety of kayaking accessories and gears that are definitely worth every penny.

Cultural activities

Many of us have museums, galleries and historic landmarks on our doorsteps that we’ve never visited. If you like the idea of indulging in a cultural break, why not plan some days out and organize a city break close to home? You can try out restaurants, go shopping and check out exhibitions and monuments. Check online for details of events and activities, and make sure everything you want to see is open before you plan your itinerary. If you’re visiting attractions, you might find that you need to book tickets in advance. 

Beach days

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the coast, there’s no better way to spend your vacation than soaking up the rays and relaxing. You can de-stress and unwind or plan fun-filled days out with your family and friends. All you need is sunscreen, sunglasses, a towel and some snacks and drinks, and you’re good to go! 

Tents on a grassy spot over looking misty mountains - vacation or staycation

Venturing further afield

For some, the idea of venturing further afield and booking a vacation is incredibly appealing after a long period of time at home. Before you book anything or start searching for vacations, it’s crucial to check the latest travel guidelines and make sure that there are no regulations or advisory notices in place that will prevent you from going to your chosen destination. There may be limitations, and you may be advised to avoid visiting certain countries at the moment. There may also be additional requirements, for example, temperature checks, negative COVID-19 tests and quarantine periods. If you are considering jetting off to exotic climes, make sure you understand the restrictions and check that it’s safe to travel. 

Booking a vacation is incredibly exciting, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of switching off, getting into vacation mode and looking forward to your trip. If you’ve decided that you want to plan a break overseas, here are some ideas to bear in mind. 

Action and adventure

If you thrive on adrenaline rushes, or you’re always keen to see new things or try different activities, have you thought about booking a vacation that involves action and adventure? You can combine sightseeing and embracing the great outdoors with thrill-seeking, trying activities such as glacier hiking, snowmobiling, mountain biking, caving, rock climbing, kayaking, bungee jumping and skydiving. Examples of countries to visit include Iceland, Finland, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. If you’re visiting Iceland or Finland in the winter months, you may also be able to catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. 

Rest and recuperation

There’s no doubt that the last few months have been challenging and stressful for many. If you’re craving downtime, and you want to escape it all and recharge your batteries, there are several options available. You could book a chilled-out beach vacation and spend your days catching rays on powdery white sands with nothing but swaying palms for company, or you could look into a spa break or a yoga retreat. Spa hotels offer indulgent treatments and the chance to relax in beautiful, tranquil surroundings, while yoga retreats enable you to learn more about yoga, hone your skills and enjoy a slower pace of life. 

Single Palm Tree with a swing hammock on white sandy beach with turquoise water and dark blue sky - vacation or staycationAre you thinking of taking some time off, or have you decided that you and your family need a break? If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of staycations and vacations, hopefully, this guide will help you decide. Whether you’re staying close to home, or you’re jumping on a plane, plan in advance and check the latest travel guidelines. 

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