Warming Your Soul Is A Radiant Self-Care Tactic

When we think of comfort, or indulgence, or sitting down and truly enjoying something without guilt, the little voice of doubt in our heads can start his alienating rhetoric. He may tell you that you’re simply being lazy, or over-indulgent, or sometimes, morally in the wrong. Should you really be taking a beautiful bath with that fizzy bath bomb, or should you be working on your office proposal due to the deadline becoming ever closer?

Of course, discipline is important. But from time to time, self-care is needed, too. One of the best ways in which to do that is to learn how to relax. You might say that it’s your solemn duty to learn how to enjoy yourself, because if you’re always fighting for the best future on overdrive, then you’re going to struggle to deflate and live a happy life. Some might say that warming your soul is a radiant self-care tactic. The trick is to achieve this in healthy ways, rather than methods that prevent us from living as our best selves.

We believe we have some advice to help you to this end. Please, consider:

The Power Of Community

Never underestimate the power of community. We’re not just talking of community that we may pass by or half-smile towards such as a group of our colleagues, but those that help us feel connected to the root of who we are. Your good friends, family, these are the people that matter most. Never turn a blind eye to how your community might grow, either. Too often we can close ourselves off and never quite venture out, even if we feel ourselves somewhat isolated from our colleagues as previously implied.

It might mean joining that local book club that has just opened, or starting a new culinary class in the city. No matter what you do, finding a new hobby will mean finding new people, and when you explore to this degree you will find yourself in awe of how easy it can be to make friends. This will warm your soul.

The Beauty Of Creating

It’s also important to consider just how important the beauty of creating can be. You needn’t be an overly creative person to unlock the worth in this. Simply painting a picture, or writing a stream of consciousness set of sentences into a word processor, or crafting a rudimentary yet enjoyable poem, these are the things we can do without much in the way of intent or purpose, but it can give us no small amount of joy to try.

Trying new things is the aim of the game here, even if art isn’t your main interest. Culinary efforts can be just as rewarding, if not so, because you have a prize upon completion. This recipe for corned beef is delicious and can give you that new sense of kitchen pride you’ve been after, while learning to bake basic cookies can help you unlock a part of your ‘kitchen self’ you always felt opposed to.

This can also perfectly lead us into:

The Pleasure Of Sharing

Sharing with others is more than just community, and it’s more than just creating. The best thing you could ever give someone is your time, because it’s the one thing we cannot artificially gain more of. The pleasure of sharing time with someone, or sharing our thoughts and dreams, or our fears and worries, or our advice and encouragement can mean the world. Sometimes, sharing means sitting down silently with a cup of coffee and letting them feel your presence after going through a difficult event. When someone is there for you, you know that it’s an amazing feeling. So why not be that person for someone else? No matter which side of this connection you fall, your soul will be warmed all the same.

The Comfort Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is perhaps one of the most powerful forces in the world. When you forgive, all is forgotten or at least accepted. You are able to put down the arms you had held up until that point and instead try and seek to move on. Even if the person you forgive barely deserves it, or even if they’re not around to hear you forgive them (or may not care either way) doing so can be a load off your mind. This is where we find out that forgiveness is something we do for ourselves, not for others, and you’re sure to feel a burden lift from your heart when you achieve that.

With this advice, we hope you can find ways of warming your soul in the year, ways that are practical, reliable, and enjoyable.



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