Three Manikin Heads with Wigs - What Density You Need When Buying Wigs

Finding the perfect wig can be overwhelming, but it can transform your look. Whether you are looking for a natural hairstyle or you love the glam look researching the density you want can make a massive difference.

What Density You Need When Buying Wigs

The density of a wig is the thickness of your wig and is shown as a percentage, the higher the percentage, the thicker the hair will be. An average head of hair is about 100%-120%. If this is your first wig, then a light to medium density is a good starting point for a natural look, such as 130% as this is the standard density that you will find with a regular wig and most often the most popular choice to buy.

An extra light density is the most natural look you can opt for if you have very fine hair initially or the medium density ranging around 120% to 140% is a natural choice as it will not look too thick or too light. On the other hand, you could opt for 200%, which is the extra heavy density which is perfect for if you love a glam look with lots of volume as these wigs are extra thick. If you are choosing the heavier density wigs, then you will need to have at least 22 inches as this will allow the hair to fall flawlessly and settle well, this will need to be layered to avoid the hair from sticking out or looking puffy. Whereas, the light density can get away with around 14 inches to sit without looking unrealistic.

What Density You Need When Buying Wigs
What Does Density Mean In Wigs

What Density You Need When Buying Wigs

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