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The color, style, and overall cadence of your front door say a lot about you. The visitors may make assumptions about your personality, intelligence, sincerity, etc., based on your front door. Research suggests that British people usually make a subconscious assumption about the person they are meeting within 10 seconds of seeing their front door. That’s why it is imperative to present your front door in color and style that delivers the intended impression.

There are many choices available at the Online Door Store, and you must make yours after careful consideration.

This is what your front door color says about you;

  • Navy Blue

It is a color that is said to denote a brilliant personality. It means people who like blue doors are fairly even tampered, and do not allow emotions to overcome their judgement. However, when their emotions do take over, they can either be cool and indifferent, or moody and scattered. It says that they may be hiding their vulnerabilities beneath confidence and self-control.

  • Yellow

People with yellow front doors are typically the happiest. They are also the most welcoming to the visitors. It is a color that represents a love of learning. However, people with yellow doors are also prone to OCD. They may have a deep need for logical order in everyday life. But it does not stop them from optimism, energy, happiness, and friendship.

  • Grey

Grey is a color of neutrality. Some people intentionally paint their doors grey to impress upon their visitors and neighbors their desire to remain aloof and impartial in a conflict. These people know when to compromise. However, some also call it the color of fence-sitters. People that live in a dangerous neighborhood may find grey the most suitable color for their front door.

  • Black

The iconic front door at 10 Downing Street is black. Those who chose this color believed it to be a color that best represents mystery. Additionally, and more importantly, black color represents power. The owner of such a door will come off as independent and someone who likes to stay in control. Some people also use this color to show their conservative and conventional lifestyle.

A Tough Choice

There’s a massive number of water-based or oil-based paint color options available to you. You can either use a trendy color or one that shows off your heritage. Gloss paint is Britain’s most loved choice for front doors. It literally has hundreds of shades.

You may choose a shade that reflects your inner décor or the flowers in your hallway. You may also use the Feng Shui principles to make your choice. This method is as good as any other when so many options are available.

Special Doors vs Modern Doors

You can simply choose a typical Georgian, Edwardian, or Victorian style front door, and it may work wonderfully. Or, a classic Georgian masterpiece may look out of the place on a 70s pebble dash semi. It is better to have some synchronicity between the building and the door. A large and expensive Edwardian door may not suit your modern bungalow. However, a cheap and tattered looking door won’t do either.

Your door must enhance the handsome visage of your house and demonstrate that you care for the property. Your door must hint at the beauty and sophistication hidden within.

It is a tough choice, but a choice you must make after careful consideration. A door is not like clothes; it cannot be changed on a whim. Decide which kind of image you want to portray and choose your door’s color and style accordingly. Best of wishes!

What Your Front Door Says About You

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