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When Do You Need a Dedicated Circuit?

Circuits are very important to the proper functioning of the home. They are the sources through which the appliances are powered. The functionality of a circuit goes a long way, in determining the effectiveness and durability of your appliances. A dedicated circuit is a special type of circuit that you can benefit from. This article will highlight all that you need to know about the dedicated circuit, as well as how to know when you need one in the home.

What Are Dedicated Circuits?

Before determining whether you need dedicated circuits or not, it is important to fully explain what dedicated circuits are. Dedicated circuits are circuits in the home, that are used only for a single appliance. They are usually used for high-power appliances, in order to ensure that they have access to power without the circuit breaker tripping incessantly. Sharing a circuit with a high-power appliance and other appliances will result in frequent tripping, and a dedicated circuit solves this problem.

Home Appliances That Are Best Used With A Dedicated Circuit

There are some home appliances that are best used with a dedicated circuit. This is because they are large and fixed, consuming a lot of power. These appliances include dishwashers, electric stoves, freezers and refrigerators, wall ovens, washers and dryers, as well as central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. Unknown to many, there are also some seemingly small appliances that take up a lot of power.  These appliances might require a dedicated circuit sometimes. This class of small appliances includes window air conditioners, toasters, electric space heaters, microwaves, sump pumps, window air conditioners, as well as hair dryers.

How To Determine That You Need A Dedicated Circuit

It might be difficult for you to determine which appliances need a dedicated circuit. These signs can help you to figure out whether you need a dedicated circuit for an appliance.

  • Read The Label: Some experienced electricians are thoughtful enough to label certain circuits in the home. Check the circuits in your home to see if they are labelled for a particular appliance.
  • Look Out For Breakers Trip: Constant circuit breaker trips are a sign that you need a dedicated circuit. Pay attention to the appliances that keep tripping off when you try to operate them at the same time. It could be your refrigerator and blender, or your toaster and hairdryer. Once either of these appliances is tripping off whenever you put on the other, it is clear that you need a dedicated circuit.
  • Test The Outlets: Testing your outlets is another way to determine if you need a dedicated circuit. You can do this using voltmeters, tick-trackers or neon testers. The way to do is very simple. Simply press the device into an outlet, using one of the testers, if the bulb lights, this shows that the circuit is hot and by extension a dedicated circuit. If the bulb does not light up, it is dead and not dedicated. This will help you to make the necessary adjustments.


Getting dedicated circuits will save you a lot of stress and money. By hiring a level 2 electrician, you can quickly get them set up in no time.

When Do You Need a Dedicated Circuit?

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