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Why Do You Need Strata Cleaning in Sydney?

Strata cleaning refers to the Australian concept of cleaning subdivided commercial areas and buildings. A building committee hires strata cleaning service providers. They perform cleaning of shared spaces like hallways, gyms, swimming pools, and elevators. Strata cleaning in Sydney is considered vital as it ensures better management of public properties and assets.

Here we have explained why you need strata cleaning.

Health and Safety

According to the latest news, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, local governments in Australia are keen to employ commercial cleaning services to speed up public areas’ disinfection. Public places are used by the people, making open spaces dirty in no time.

According to health experts, strata cleaning in Sydney is more important as disinfecting all touchpoints can significantly reduce Covid-19 outbreaks and help contain the pandemic. If you don’t appoint strata cleaners to clean open spaces in your commercial buildings, it will impact the health of residents and the general public who visit these facilities.

Sealing, Stripping, and Buffing

According to the Australia Strata schemes report, there are around 889,630 strata lots in NSW, which also includes the Sydney city area. The total strata lots in NSW include 819,490 residential strata lots and 70,140 commercial strata lots. Out of this, 62% of strata schemes were registered before 2000.

In simple words, a larger number of strata lots are old buildings with unique maintenance needs. Building and strata maintenance is more than making your building look good.

Strata cleaning companies offer a wide range of services, including routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance. Experienced strata cleaning service providers can perform sealing, stripping, and buffing work as part of strata maintenance.

High Rise in Sydney - Strata Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

To assure the best cleaning results for your strata lots, employing strata cleaning is a necessity. These service providers undergo professional training to clean strata lots. Hiring unprofessional cleaners can damage your essential building equipment.

Vacuum Cleaning

If your open or public places have carpets, it is hard to clean them without a vacuum cleaner. If you need to clean these areas by yourself, you need to invest in a vacuum cleaner. However, there is no guarantee you can deliver the best cleaning results by using a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning is not only about tools or equipment, but it also depends on the right techniques gained through training and years of experience. So, hiring strata cleaning in Sydney is always the right decision.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool maintenance is complex and crucial. The Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012 have listed rules and regulations to control the health risks associated with public swimming pools and spas.

It is the strata lots committee’s responsibility to overlook the maintenance of the swimming pools on their premises. Strata cleaning services in Sydney have all pool maintenance equipment and workforce required for pool cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and Changing Emergency Lights

The Building Code of Australia requires exit and emergency lighting in all Class 6 buildings. The strata committee should maintain emergency lighting on its premises. Strata cleaning services can clean and change emergency lights while allowing you to comply with local safety rules and regulations. It also assures the safety of the building and commercial spaces.

These are the few reasons to hire strata cleaning in Sydney. Strata cleaning service provides many services under one roof that makes things convenient for strata owners.

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