T was my 400th Google Friend Connect Follower.
Let’s see of I  can make it to 500!
T – if  you’ll leave me a comment with your
email information, I would like to send you a book.
I have something very special in mind for when I hit 500:-)
Thanks to ALL OF YOU!!!
WooHoo – I'm going for 500:-)

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0 thoughts on “WooHoo – I'm going for 500:-)

  1. what a fun surprise this evening!

    you can e-mail me at moreinfothanyouwanted(@)gmail(dot)com.

    Congrats on the 400! I'm still working on my first hundred… maybe by the time school starts 🙂

  2. leave me a note in my chatbox & I send U my email address. Have had a lot of spam in my mailbox again. I would luv to get a book. Look on my profile on Google summer is time to read books during the heat.
    Just found the site, very fascinating. I die if I couldm't read a book or a magazine esp. when TV is BAD in summer.

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