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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Ok With a Few Words

  1. Lmao. People really don’t think about what their signs look like when in relation to the ones around it.

  2. Haha we have one here in IL called SoandSo’s Collision and Repair. I guess its a somewhat normal name.

  3. lol, well I never got excited about a collision place , but that street sure looks busy hehe

  4. I think your Wordless Wednesday is a Hoot! You might be a woman of few words but the pictures you posted say it all. My favorite picture is the one “Or maybe just efficient?” It is hilarious. I hope you continue to post pictures like these because I enjoyed them very much.

  5. I appreciate humor like this very much. It’s what gets me thru my everyday life and make it interesting. Laughter is the best!

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