10 Tips for a Cleaner Greener Home!

Green has become the new black!
I haven’t really jumped head first onto the green band wagon,
but I do like the idea of using non toxic chemicals,
AND saving money!
After spending the last 37 years, raising my family,
and keeping house, I would like to share the following 
10 tips with all of you.
1.  Sprinkle salt on a half of a lemon, and use to
scrub your kitchen sink.  The salt acts as a mild abrasive,
and the lemon will make your kitchen smell fresh.
2.  Baking soda is a great all purpose cleaner,
and it’s a great money saver.  Use in your
fridge, to absorb odors, and in with your laundry
detergent to make your clothes come out fresh.
Pop a box into the truck of your car.
3.  Vinegar isn’t just for cooking.
Use for mopping your floors and for cleaning windows.
They smell will fade quickly,
4.  Calendula oil is a great alternative to aerosol
room fresheners.  Place a cotton ball, soaked in 
Calendula oil, and place in a small glass dish.
Place the dish on a shelf or on your mantle.
5.  Sprinkle baking soda, infused with a little calendula oil,
(or other aromatic oil of your choice)
on carpets.  Let sit for a few minutes
before vacuuming.
6.  Got doggies?  Brushing often is your best
tool, to keep them clean, and your home
fur free.  Take all  the hair, that you’ve brushed 
from you dogs, and place it outside on the grass.
Birds will often pick it up and use it
 in their nests.
( I learned this one from one of my 
favorite hair dressers – thanks Perry:-)
Don’t bathe your dogs too frequently,
as this can cause itchy dry skin.
7. Cut down on the amount of detergent you use in
your washing machine.  Most brands are quite 
concentrated.  Don’t use fabric softener
when you wash towels, as over time,  it cause make
the towels less absorbent.
8.  Prevention is key.  
Clean more often, so you don’t have to clean harder.  
Pick up as you go.  Wipe and swipe daily, so
you don’t get build up in sinks and on counter tops.
9.  Instead of using lots of paper towels and disposable
dusting “wipes”, use old t-shirts, and 
cloth diapers.  Think Re-use, Re-purpose, and Re-cycle.
10.  Use prefilled coffee packets to absorb odors.
My friends husband one spilled a gallon of 
milk on the carpeted floor of her car.
He just sopped up the milk with an old towel,
and then promptly headed into the house to watch 
a football game.  Two days later
(after the car baked in the Florida summer heat)
she got into her car, and was just about overcome
by the stink!  We tried everything to get rid of the awful smell.
Finally one of the ladies at our church, told us about using 
coffee to git ride of the odor.  By golly, it worked!
(But after that, every time we got into her car, we
had an overwhelming desire for bacon and eggs.  LOL)
And here’s a bonus – read labels.
Check out the alternatives that are on the market today.
Use the internet to find out more – there is a world
of information at our fingertips.

Now, what about you?  Do you have any great tips to share?
Please leave a comment, and let me know.
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10 Tips for a Cleaner Greener Home!

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