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2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Pets

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received some items from the brands below, to help facilitate this Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions are those of the authors.

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2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Pets

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Bow Wow Labs

Dog favorite Bully Sticks and Treats….Our 4-legged babies love them!

Bow Wow Labs 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Pets

Info From Bow Wow Labs

“The team at Bow Wow Labs is made up of a diverse group of men and women on a mission to keep dogs safe and healthy with products and services that make life easier and fun for dogs and their owners. We offer innovative products that build lasting bonds and we do it all in the name of creating happier dogs with empowered owners, maximizing the enjoyment of having a dog while minimizing many of the risks dogs encounter in every day life.”

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Cat in Christmas Tree



Pawfectly wonderful products for dogs and kitties too…shampoos, tear stain removers, flea & tick spray… and Healing Paw Conditioner for Dogs!

Paw Purity 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Pets

Info From PawPurity

“PawPurity is the result of many years of working to make the lives of pets and their owners better, safer, healthier and easier. Our work in the pet world began many years ago. In 2007, we launched Pet Hotels of America, (now known as Vacation Pet Friendly). This online company was designed to help people travel with pets. Here, pet owners book pet friendly hotels, find dog parks and beaches, learn about what attractions were open to pets, locate pet friendly restaurants and find veterinarians in every US city.

As our three rescued dogs and adopted cat began having issues over the years, we started questioning how we were caring for them. It became evident that what they were eating as a routine diet, ingesting to ward off ticks and fleas, being bathed in, the ingredients used to remove their tear stains and other concerns were often harmful. As a nation, some of the food from China was found tainted, killing many of our pets. We had no idea what chemicals and poisons foreign manufacturers were putting in our pets’ toys, care products, food, treats, flea and tick repellents and just about everything else we were giving these special family members. Furthermore, we found there was a lack of supportive equipment and products on the market made specifically for senior dogs, whom hold a special place in the hearts of the PawPurity team.

The pet world needed a change. We began researching, testing and developing products that were food based. We started designing support systems to help senior dogs lead a normal life, some of which are still in the testing phases. We made a promise to ourselves and pet owners to set the bar higher so our dogs stay safe, healthy and happy. PawPurity is determined to produce only top quality, naturally made products packaged in eco-friendly materials. We are proud to say that our products are made and packaged in the USA. This is why PawPurity is a step above the rest. If you are as adamant about ensuring the health, comfort and longevity of your pets as we are, we welcome you to our PawPurity family. Together, we’ll make sure your pets get only the best.”

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Cat in Christmas Tree

Kitty Cardboard

Just looking at these makes me smile.  Cats and boxes.  They just go together…sort of  like peanut butter & jelly / shoes & socks / Lucy & Ethel,  But these boxes are anything but ordinary!

Kitty Cardboard 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Pets

Info From Kitty Cardboard

“We are a small, women-owned, bootstrapped business, founded in 2017. After being set back by Hurricane Irma, we launched to the public in the fall of 2018!
We sell a cat’s most favorite item – a box! – with a special design that allows them to be able to nap, play, hide, explore, acclimate to new spaces, and take PAWesome photos for their Instagram profiles, in an aesthetically pleasing cardboard box. By frequently releasing new colorful designs, we let our feline friends celebrate the seasons and travel the world, or even explore MEOW-ter space! The idea was born when our CEO, Liene, noticed that her cat was addicted to boxes but they cluttered her house and weren’t attractive. She simply thought “Why not create fun boxes, designed specifically for cats, that would give cats exactly what they want, while, at the same time, keeping the family living room looking neat and clean? So, Kitty Cardboard was born!”
Our mission is to make Kitty Cardboard a brand and create a community of cat lovers around it. We help cats-in-need by donating our products to animal shelters and foster care programs around the country. For every box purchased, we donate one!
Although we are a young company, we truly feel confident enough in our product and hope that, with your help, we can take Kitty Cardboard to the next level, grow as a business, and support our main goal of helping cats-in-need. We hope that you will join us on this journey by thinking inside of the box!
“With Kitty Cardboard, life is never going to be boring for cats or their parents. Cats are born royal, and, with Kitty Cardboard, they feel exactly that way, after all – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOX!!!””
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Milo says “Wipe that smell right off your dog’s face!” If you’ve got a squishfaced dog…then you should have Squishface products on hand.

Info From Squishface

“Squishface Products Clean and Protects Dog Wrinkles, Tear Stains and Tail Pockets to keep them looking their Wrinkly Best!”

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Dog beds, clothing, toys & treats, grooming supplies, travel needs and more.  Muttropolis is a one stop shop for Pups!

Muttropolis 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: Pets

Info From Muttropolis

“The idea of Muttropolis sprouted from the creative minds of two professional designers, a corporate marketing executive and an multi-unit restaurant owner/operator and was fueled by their love for their dog and cat family members. Muttropolis was built from the ground up to grow from a strong foundation of creative design, quality products, knowledgeable, friendly service and unique style. Not another pet store but the ultimate, fun shopping experience for people who love their dogs and cats as much as we do.

Driven by our vision and passion, we opened our first store in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, California in 2002. Muttropolis became an important part of the community, a resource for finding everything for your dog and cat. We support many worthy causes and have been responsible for the adoption of hundreds of dogs and cats. Muttropolis is the social gathering spot for all breeds from AKC to XYZ and of course for the parents who bring them.

The success and acceptance of the Solana Beach store prompted the development of a second store in the Village of La Jolla, California, followed by a store in the Fashion Island Center in Newport Beach, California. These stores provided the perfect environment for testing merchandise and receiving valuable customer feedback. This experience helped us create where we bring our products and online service to the world.

With you and your pet in mind we created the world of Muttropolis and this website. It’s the community and shopping site you’ve been looking for. Enjoy!”

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But, they don’t leave out kitties…Dog Food, Dog and Kitty Treats, and Supplements for Man’s Best Friend!

Info From JustFoodForDogs

“Our vision for the world is one where dogs thrive; living their fullest, healthiest lives by eating whole, human-grade ingredients that have been nutritionally optimized to bring out the best in both their body and spirit.
For us, this is about creating a just world for dogs and their pet parents. A world where our dogs’ health and quality of life is valued more than maximized profits. A world where our dogs get vital nutrition from exacting recipes that have been developed by a staff of Veterinarians and proven healthier by defendable science. A world where we get to love our dogs as they live their lives to the very fullest…for the very longest.
Ours is a movement inspired by love. Sure, there are easier ways to do what we do, but there aren’t any better. We put in the extra effort because lives change when a dog is properly nourished. There’s more fun to have, more vitality to express, more laughs to share, and more love to go around.
And it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

Learn More, Follow, and Shop JustFoodForDogs: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |YouTube | Pinterest

Cat in Christmas Tree

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