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2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

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Every heard the saying Reading is Fundamental?  I’m a firm believe, so I’m always excited to find new books to read for myself or for my grandkids.  So having said that…

Welcome to the…

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

First selections from Ulysses Press and Rocky Nook


Luna Finds Love Everywhere / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books


By Shainna Ali

Celebrate the joy of learning to love yourself with Luna and friends!

Meet Luna, a little girl who loves playing outside, helping her family, and learning new things. As Luna goes through her regular daily routine, she realizes how much love there is to appreciate around her and within herself too. She learns kindness, sharing, and even what to do when things don’t go her way. With simple prompts and activities scattered throughout the story, children will be able to explore the principles of self-love into their own lives. Kids will have a blast learning along with Luna as they discover the importance of loving each other and oneself!

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The One With All The Cross-Stitch / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By Editors of Ulysses Press

Get stitching with this adorable collection of cross-stitch patterns inspired by the greatest TV show of all time: FRIENDS!

The One with All the Cross-Stitch brings your favorite TV sitcom to the craft space in a first-of-its-kind cross-stitch book! Crafty fans of FRIENDS will love this adorable book and its 25 clever cross-stitch patterns that pay homage to one of the most binged shows ever.

With this book, you’ll be able to relive the very best moments of FRIENDS as you stitch together iconic images like the Central Perk sign, the chick and the duck, and unforgettable quotes like “PIVOT!” Whether you’re making fabulous wall art to proudly display your FRIENDS superfandom or one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for your friends and family, this cross-stitch book is a must-have for any die-hard lover of FRIENDS.

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The Mayonnaise Cookbook / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By Erin Isaac

Celebrate the greatest condiment of all time with the best mayo-based recipes, including comfort food classics like potato salad and deviled eggs as well as saucy cooking hacks for chocolate cupcakes and grilled cheese.

Mayonnaise, lovingly referred to as mayo, is one of the most versatile yet divisive condiments. Some slather it on anything they can find, while others avoid eating it at all costs. Whether you love it or hate it, this cookbook is sure to turn any mayo skeptic into a believer and have every mayo enthusiast jumping for joy!

The Mayonnaise Cookbook highlights mayo in its entirety, with instructions on how to make your own mayonnaise, pros and cons of the many mayo brands out there, and 50 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that feature mayonnaise as the star. Ranging from appetizers, side dishes, salad dressing, desserts, and more, you’ll get a taste for just how delicious mayonnaise can be, with tasty recipes like:

  • Lobster Rolls
  • Elote Street Corn
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Creamy Avocado Dressing
  • Chocolate Mayo Cupcakes
  • And more!

The ultimate guide to cooking with mayonnaise, The Mayonnaise Cookbook is sure to turn you and your friends and family into major mayo connoisseurs!

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The Unofficial Hogwarts Cookbook for Kids / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By The Unofficial Hogwarts Cookbook for Kids

Make magic in the kitchen with easy, friendly recipes designed for kid chefs and inspired by the Harry Potter series!

Calling all Potterheads! It’s time to whip up something spellbinding in the kitchen. With 50 easy-to-follow, low-mess recipes, you and your kids will learn to cook all of the best wizarding world favorites. From breakfast all the way to dessert, this book makes any meal or snack extra special, with recipes like:

  • Pumpkin Pasties
  • Cauldron Cakes
  • Muggle-Style Pizza
  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Great Hall Sandwiches
  • And many more!

Perfect for any young fan of Harry Potter, The Unofficial Hogwarts Cookbook for Kids will have aspiring witches and wizards brewing potions, baking stellar treats, and cooking creative dishes in no time. With easy step-by-step instructions and spellbinding full-color photographs, this cookbook is sure to become a kitchen favorite.

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Buckley the Highland Cow & Buckley the Goat / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By Leslie Ackerman

Follow the charming children’s story of Buckley, an orphaned cow, and his best friend Ralphy, as they learn to overcome barnyard bullying and loneliness and discover the power of resilience, diverse friendships, and loving who you are!

When a baby highland cow named Buckley suddenly finds himself all alone at a brand-new farm with no other cows, surrounded by unfamiliar, unfriendly faces, he isn’t sure what to do.

However, friends come from unlikely places! Ralphy, a rambunctious goat, decides to take Buckley under his hoof. Ralphy and Buckley are different in every way, but despite this they become fast friends. Buckley soon learns that a loving, supportive farmyard family can come in all shapes and sizes.

With adorable photographs of Insta-famous Buckley (@buckleythehighlandcow) and beautiful illustrations, this unforgettable real-life story of childhood resilience will inspire kids of all ages to overcome tough social situations and thrive

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Beet This / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By Sam Kaplan, Tyanni Niles, Keith Riegert

Settle in for a stay at Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast with this hilarious unofficial cookbook featuring rustic, beet-heavy recipes that everyone’s number one Assistant to the Regional Manager would approve of.

You’re already a superfan of The Office. You’ve rewatched the show multiple times, you know every prank Jim ever pulled on Dwight, and you have a favorite Michael Scott quote. But with this cookbook, you can take your love of all things Dunder Mifflin to the next level.

Make your next meal in true Schrute-Farms style with this cookbook that is equal parts rustic and ridiculous (just like our favorite Assistant to the Regional Manager). Beet This is packed with old and hearty, Pennsylvania-inspired recipes that would earn Dwight K. Schrute’s perfectenschlag stamp of approval, including:

  • Russian Beet Soup
  • Veal Loaf
  • Beet Biscuit with Rabbit Gravy
  • Spicy Fried Rattlesnake with Pickled Beets
  • German Pot Pie
  • And more (especially with beets)!

Throw on your lederhosen, don your Küss den Koch apron, and prepare to be transported to a magical, beet-filled corner of Northeast Pennsylvania.

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Don't Lose Your Head / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By Harriet Marsden

Survive alongside Katharine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and the rest of King Henry VIII’s ill-fated wives with this witty book of essential life advice, history, and trivia—the perfect handbook for fans of the hit musical Six.

Get the inside scoop from some of the toughest women in English history, as ex-wives, mothers, and daughters of King Henry VIII dish out all their survival secrets in this humorous guide to life. With a bit of sarcasm and friendly charm, each of these legendary ladies explains how their 16th-century hard-earned lessons (from living with unstable men to stifling Tudor traditions) apply to 21st-century dating, marriage, and feminism.

Written from the perspectives of each of the different women around Henry VIII, you’ll get the facts from the Queen Mother and the less-remembered but no less important Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and more.

With must-know historical trivia alongside wise life advice, Don’t Lose Your Head is the perfect survival guide for fans obsessed with Broadway’s latest historical pop musical Six, as well as anyone fascinated by British royalty and culture.

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Royal Trivia

By Rachel Bowie, Roberta Fiorito

Test your knowledge of the British royal family—from fun facts like the names of the Queen’s corgis, to the heartbreaking story of the late Princess Diana—with this ultimate trivia book perfect for fans of The Crown or anyone royally obsessed! 

From Queen Elizabeth II to Prince George, there’s a lot of news to keep up with regarding the royal family. This fantastic compendium of fascinating facts and stories about the British monarchy will keep you in the know about your favorite modern royals. From iconic weddings, fashion moments, philanthropic events, and the birth of new royals, this book has the latest and most interesting tidbits perfect for any enthusiast. Inside you’ll find the royal scoop, including:

  • The official line of succession to the throne
  • The royal family’s favorite designers and artists
  • Amazing details about coronations, weddings, and other ceremonies
  • Jaw-dropping facts about the Crown Jewels
  • And much more!

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The Magical Girls Guide to Life

By Jacque Aye

Transform into your most magical self with this one-of-a-kind, manga inspired self-care guide designed to help you discover and harness your inner power- anime style!

Inspired by the wand-wielding, crime-fighting magical girls in your favorite animes and mangas, The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life teaches you how your self-care journey starts by uncovering the magical girl within.

With fun exercises, journal prompts, and personality tests, you’ll quickly learn everything you need to know about your magical girl self, including your magical girl name, what type of power you possess, and what cute companion will perfectly complement your magical girl journey. Once your magical girl identity is locked in, you’ll learn how to take on the world and continue your self-growth by:

  • Discovering your magical girl gang
  • Punching fear in the face/defining your monster
  • Developing your magical girl beauty routine
  • Finding love after fighting crime
  • And more!

With gorgeous illustrations and entertaining animated characters, The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life reveals how self-love, sisterhood, and magic go together. Perfect for fans of anime and manga like Sailor MoonCardcaptor Sakura, and more!

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Mixology and Murder / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

By Kierra Sondereker

Pour yourself a drink and discover your latest true crime obsession with this guidebook that pairs 75 deliciously chilling cocktails with the infamous true crime stories that inspired them.

From terrifying serial killers to baffling cold cases and secretive cults, murderinos can’t get enough of true crime. Now, you can have yet another way to dive into these horrifyingly true stories with a first-of-its-kind cocktail book that gives a new meaning to the phrase “bad and boozy.”

Inside Mixology and Murder, you’ll find 75 step-by-step drink recipes alongside the terrifying stories that inspired them, from must-know cases like JonBenét Ramsey and Ted Bundy to lesser-known stories like the Ant Hill Kids cult and the Circleville Letter Writer. This cocktail book is your go-to resource for true crime info and delightfully boozy drinks, including:

  • Fugitive Fizz
  • Sazer-Ax Murderer
  • The Perfect Lime (Mojito)
  • Amityville Amaretto
  • Colada Confessions
  • In Cold Blood Orange
    And More!

Mixology and Murder is the perfect gift for any true crime junkie who knows that, sometimes, the best way to deal with the excitement of a serial killer finally getting caught or the frustration of finding out that case is still unsolved is a good, strong drink.

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The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot

By Linzi Silverman

Let the Divine Feminine guide your tarot practice with this beautifully illustrated deck and companion guide designed to help you connect with goddess magic without and within.

It was in the twilight hours of one darkening day, alone in the deserts of the American Southwest, meditating on the abundance of spiritual power and connection all around, that the vision for these cards arrived. Nighttime scenes full of lush nature, animals, magic, and beauty, with goddesses standing proudly, fiercely, and wildly among them.

Through the medium of collage, an otherworldly array of goddess figures light upon mystical landscapes replete with symbolic flora and fauna, channeling Divine Feminine energy and inviting us to realize its surrounding potential. Rich in deep symbolism, this deck lifts from the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith, using its narrative to provide balance in the light and dark of life. The goddesses depicted by these cards are not specific, but rather archetypal composites from various cultures, becoming those we may recognize in each other and within our personal histories. They embody the timeless Divine Feminine spirit we all possess, regardless of gender or ethnic constructs. It infuses each of us with empathy, intuition, creativity, nurturing, sensuality, power, strength, and wisdom.

Through working with The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot, you will discover your own power and magic as well as learn to trust in your intuition. Use these cards to find compassion and inspiration in your days and nights, to be in the fullness of who you are and are meant to be. This deck is great for both beginners and the most advanced of tarot lovers, offering increasing wisdom with every reading. Fall in love with every card as you journey through the cosmos.

The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot includes 78 matte cards (70mm x 120mm) and a 144-page companion guide.

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Watercolor Botanical Garden / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

A Modern Approach to Painting Bold Flowers, Plants, and Cacti

Relax and dive into the ultimate guide to creating watercolor paintings of your favorite flowers! From bright red roses to deep green cacti, this gorgeous, easy-to-follow book will show how anyone can paint luminous watercolor flowers and botanicals. Noted artist and instructor Rachel Eskandari details how anyone can paint a garden of bold, creative watercolor images. Featuring colorful step-by-step images, this book shows how to master the basics of watercolors and then expand your color palette to create boldly unconventional floral artwork. Watercolor Botanical Garden features everything you need to know, including:

*Color theory and mixing for unique shades

*Utilizing the skills of blending, gradients, and shading

*Lesson for creating 25+ different plants and flowers including roses, cacti, peonies, nigella, agave, anemones, queen of the night, leaves, and more

*How to incorporate multiple botanical images for a gorgeous landscape painting

Published and Available from Rocky Nook


LEGO with Dad / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together

Break out the bricks, it’s time for awesome family fun! LEGO® bricks can be an endless source of imagination and joy for kids of all ages, and now dads can join in and help build amazing new creations. LEGO® With Dad is the ultimate guide to utilizing your bricks to make creative new projects. No expensive new sets required! With detailed instructions on the basic building techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds, this book is perfect for parents and kids all skill levels.

Featuring step-by-step lessons for fun projects including:

Working train and car

Customized rocketship

Menagerie of colorful animals

Helicopter with rotating blades

And much, much more! Whether you and your kids are LEGO® novices or aspiring Master Builders, this book will show you how to explore the world of bricks together to create amazing projects and lifelong memories.


  • Chapter 1: Essential Materials
  • Chapter 2: LEGO® how-to’s
  • Chapter 3: Classic Creations
  • Chapter 4: Fun for Everyone
  • Chapter 5: For the Adventurous
  • Chapter 6: LEGO® in Motion

Published by and Available from Rocky Nook


Dogtography / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

A Knock-Your-Socks-Off Guide to Capturing the Best Dog Photos on Earth

If you want to learn to create out-of-this-world photos that capture the heart and soul of a dog, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a professional looking to up your dog photography game, or an amateur striving to take better pictures of your four-legged best friend, Dogtography is your guide to crafting jaw-dropping photographs that are exploding with personality. And there is no better teacher than Kaylee Greer, one of the world’s most in-demand dog photographers. Kaylee travels the globe photographing dogs for some of the biggest pet brands on Earth, teaches industry-renowned workshops, and stars in Nat Geo Wild’s original television mini-series Pupparazzi, chronicling her colorful adventures photographing dogs across America.

Dogtography is jam-packed with tips and tricks and—just like Kaylee and her award-winning photographs—an infectious personality. In this book, you’ll learn Kaylee’s best-kept secrets, including camera settings, lens choices, and post-processing techniques. You’ll explore tried and true methods for working with dogs of all shapes and sizes, unlock the power of positive reinforcement, and discover the gift of giving back to dogs in need through the magic of photography.


  • Chapter 1: Speak DogChapter 2: Camera Settings
  • Chapter 3: Lenses
  • Chapter 4: Dirty Little Secrets
  • Chapter 5: Sunshine Wrangling
  • Chapter 6: Catchlights
  • Chapter 7: Location
  • Chapter 8: Expression
  • Chapter 9: Shooting Action
  • Chapter 10: Group Photo Techniques
  • Chapter 11: The Canine Variety Power Hour
  • Chapter 12: Illumination Nation
  • Chapter 13: Post-Processing
  • Chapter 14: Giving Back

Published by and Available from Rocky Nook

From other publishers


Closing Death's Door / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

Legal Innovations to End the Epidemic of Healthcare Harm

Michael J. Saks and Stephan Landsman
  • Draws on the psychology of decision making coupled with proposed changes to the law to explore ways to reduce medical error in the US.
  • Defines iatrogenic injury and its scope, shedding light on how the healthcare industry has failed to effectively address the problem.
  • Offers ideas for generating incentives, along with other strategies that will lower the risk of harm to patients.

Published by Oxford Press and Available on Amazon


I'm Not Single I Have a Dog / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

Dating Tales from the Bark Side

Author: Susan Hartzler / Series Editor: Brian Patrick Duggan

On a purposeful trip to the pound, she hopes to find a dog to care for, one that will sniff out the bad guys. After all, the best way to get a man is to stop searching for love. Men come and go, but her faithful friend will always stay.

Susan might not have found a man, but she finds her dog, giving her a sense of purpose and helping her find meaning in her crazy world. Susan might not have found a man, but she finds her dog, giving her a sense of purpose and helping her find meaning in her crazy world.

By saving a dog, she rescues herself, loving herself as much as her dog loves her.

After all, there is no love like dog love. It can change your life forever, completing you with unconditional love.

Follow Susan on her journey, filled with the ups and downs and the many trials and tribulations that the years have to offer before she realizes that life itself is a gift.

Published by McFarland Press and Available from Amazon | McFarland Press | Barns & Noble


Make Your Message Your Message / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

Shari Leid

Discover the Power of Meaningful, Life-changing Conversations

We’ve all had unique—and often messy—life journeys. You know … the good, the bad, and the ugly. But what if your “messy” life experiences have hidden meanings—that if uncovered could help you have mind-blowing insights about your life’s purpose, and deepen your friendships?

In this second book in The Friendship Series, life coach Shari Leid chronicles a round of dates with her girlfriends where she asks the question “What is the mess that became your message?” And the responses are astounding!

Make Your Mess Your Message encourages each of us to not only give one another the gift of time but to have meaningful life-changing conversations to deepen your friendships and gain insights into your own life journey.

Published by Capucia Publishing and Available from Amazon


he Not-So-Friendly Friend / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

How can I help my child deal with a bully?
What do I teach them about handling an on-again-off-again, not-so-friendly friend? My advice to “just be kind” isn’t helping, and my child is still hurting.

Christina Furnival, a licensed mental health therapist and mom, helps answer these questions in this charming and engaging rhyming story about a young child who successfully navigates the complexities of an unkind peer relationship.

In The Not-So-Friendly Friend, children will learn an easy and practical lesson about how to firmly and assertively – yet kindly – stand up for themselves in the face of a bully. By teaching children about the importance and value of setting boundaries for healthy friendships, this book provides children the tools they need to foster their social confidence and emotional well-being.

Published by PESO Publishing and Available from Amazon


Eddy the Ostrich / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

United Kingdom – As Chief Examiner for a well-known UK examination board, Liz Freeston knows the importance of helping children engage with language, reading and their often-bottomless imagination.

In her new book, ‘Eddy the Ostrich’, Freeston invites young readers to join the world’s most unlikely yet fitting friendship, as things are about to get truly exciting – and the value of redemption is driven home.

With ethnic diversity also lacking in children’s books, Freeston was keen to ensure her book was not only racially diverse, but representative of today’s world.


Have you ever met an ostrich? Well, you will when you read this book! EDDY THE OSTRICH lives with Mum, Vernon and Peter the dog on a smallholding on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn in South Africa. Read all about Eddy’s amusing adventures.

Remember, there is only one EDDY THE OSTRICH!

“There’s a very deep moral to this story,” explains the author. “Eddy is upset because he can’t fly like the smaller birds.  Vernon’s Mum encourages Eddy to use his unique talents so he can be a success. I want all young children to realize that everyone is different, and everyone has gifts that make them special – just the way Eddy does.”

Continuing, “The whole story is told in rhyme, which will help children with their comprehension and intonation skills. It’s written for all age groups, and I’ve even seen children as young as three become spellbound by the stunning illustrations. But there’s also a serious point to the story. One big theme in the narrative is based around how Eddy causes a lot of damage in the house and Vernon’s mum insists that he lives on his own outside. However, as the story progresses, he finally redeems himself and is allowed back in the house. I want young readers to understand that they can always work to repair a bad situation.”

Published by Lightning Source and Available on Amazon and Amazon UK


Like a Thief in the Night / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Books Books and More Books

David Carlson

On a sunny summer day in Rome, a drone attack in St. Peter’s Square nearly kills the Pope and the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. The trail Christopher Worthy and Father Fortis follow to identify and thwart the assassin takes them from the heart of Rome to the holiest sites in Jerusalem.

From Epicenter Press and Available from Amazon



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