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2021 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from some of the brands listed below, to facilitate the publication of this Gift Ideas and Buying Guide.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions stated are those of the author.

We’ve gathered together some great ideas to shower your mom or the “mom” in your life, with some awesome gifts to let her know just how much she means to you.  Check back often, as wel will be adding to the guide over the next week or two.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to give mom and hug and tell her how much you love her!

Welcome to the 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page


The Vintage Pearl

I cannot begin to tell you just how special the necklace that I received from The Vintage Pearl. is! I’m the mom of 10. Do you know how hard it is to find “mother’s jewelry” for a mom with a large family?  I’ll tell you…It’s HARD!  Once you get past 5 or 6 kids, the options become few and far between.  The Vintage Pearl solved my problem by sending me a necklace with two pea pods, each with 5 peas to represent my 5 daughters and 5 sons.  How great is that!!!!

The Vintage Pearl 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide


Info From The Vintage Pearl

At The Vintage Pearl, each jewelry piece is handcrafted and made just for you! Our hand-stamped pieces are made with love and care.
The Vintage Pearl began in 2007 as a creative outlet for a stay-at-home mom, Erin Edwards. Raising four young children, Erin had a passion to help support her family and give other women beautiful, hand-made jewelry pieces that told their unique story. In September of 2010, The Vintage Pearl moved from Erin’s family room into a brick and mort boutique located in Tulsa, Oklahoma! The Vintage Pearl has grown in many unique ways and our story to provide meaningful, hand-made pieces have been delivered to countries around the world!
Giving back runs deep inside our hearts and the success of The Vintage Pearl has allowed us to make both a local and international impact! We believe in a world in which compassion shines bright. When you shop at The Vintage Pearl your purchase will make a difference.

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Skinuva Brite

As a more “mature” woman, I’m always looking for ways to make my skin look and feel better.  Skin brightening can go a long way in making one feel more vibrant and youthful.  There is nothing wrong with aging (just think of the alternative), but it’s nice to be able to have help from products like Skinuva Brite, to help with the process!

Skinuva Brite 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Skinuva

Skinuva® Scar and Skinuva® Brite were developed by physicians for professional use, and are now also available to consumers. Skinuva products contain highly selective Growth Factors and are backed by scientific data, providing our doctors and patients safe and effective products.

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Luxury Gold White Caviar Anti-Aging Face Serum from Ivana Zanierato IVY

This takes spa luxury and brings it right into your home! Pamper mom this year for Mother’s Day…she deserves it.

Luxury Gold White Caviar Anti-Aging Face Serum from Ivana Zanierato IVY 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide


Info from Ivana Zanierato IVY

Caviar, combined with 24 carat gold, tones the skin to help improve its natural elasticity.

Anti-Aging Gold Caviar Face Serum

Pearl of Caviar, combined with 24k Nano Gold, tones the skin to help improve its natural elasticity

“Luxury White Gold Caviar “

The Serum gives a super-hydration deep tissue treatment, tightens and firms the skin and stimulates collagen production.

This exclusive formula fights redness and stains due to age and gives a brighter appearance to the skin.

A unique skin care, developed to give your skin a more youthful, vibrant and healthy appearance.

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Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies

Talk about a tasty gift…and you can have it delivered in style right to mom’s door.  So beautifully packaged, and a gift that keeps on giving even after the cookies have been eaten! My favorites are the oatmeal raisin – YUM!

Arlana's Gourmet Cookies 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies

We are devoted to deliciousness, creativity, and customer satisfaction.  Each sweet gift is baked to perfection and packaged to leave a lasting impression on the modern consumer.

Arlana Brooks is a multifaceted woman—a devoted mother with a career in civil engineering and a lifelong love for baking. Inspired by her own mother, Arlana learned early the culinary techniques that would later serve her own company. She founded Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies in 1993 when a simple gift of cookies led to substantial orders for individuals and future events. Arlana’s elegant style is demonstrated in her high-end packaging that is made with beautiful accents and personalized accessories for men and women.

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I’m a firm believer in the healing powers of CBD oil.  The Massage Cube by KOA + Roy is fantastic.  I rub it on my neck to release pain and tension.  I also use it on my legs to help ease pain at night.  Popped into the fridge for 15 minutes or so before use…and  it’s extra wonderful!

KOA + ROY 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info from KOA + ROY

Have you ever wondered what long-term effects chemicals in non-natural products have? We have! What you use on your body matters to us and we don’t cut corners. We are committed to using only plant-based, sustainably sourced, and naturally effective ingredients.

KOA+ROY is a woman-owned, San Diego based small business operating in the natural personal care space.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop KOA + ROY: Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Healing Rose

I’ve shared The Healing Rose before, and I’m sure to share them again.  This time around I tried another line of products that they offer…CBD infused bath salts.  Their CBD Bath Soaks come in a variety of scent combinations.  Now, anyone who knows, will tell you that my tub is my sanctuary.  It’s the one place that I can be pain free.  My favorite choice is “soooooo not me”, but what can I say – I love Hippie’s Hideaway.  It is the BEST! Right now they are offering 2 Mother’s Day Bundles and huge savings.  Pamper Yourself Gift Bundle and Bath Soaks Bundle.

The Healing Rose 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From The Healing Rose

The Healing Rose Company handcrafts cannabinoid-infused topical products in small batches using natural and organic ingredients. We are based in Massachusetts and are working on sourcing all of our healing herbs from New England farms.
The topical application of cannabis does not produce a psychoactive high that most are familiar with from smoking or ingesting. Also, it will not be absorbed into one’s bloodstream. Using topicals has been shown to help with the healing of injuries, pain management, inflammation, relaxation, arthritis, and improving skin health and appearance.
We’ve spent countless hours developing our formulas through extensive research & development, and we do small batches in order to continuously improve our products. We will soon be available in Massachusetts locations!

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Precious Moments

From collectible figurines, to home décor, to useful and beautiful kitchen and serving wear…you can find something as special for mom (or grandma) as she is!

Precious Moments 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Precious Moments

Our mission is to make the world a better place by helping people Share the Gift of Love
Precious Moments- The World’s Most Recognized Inspirational Brand
Precious Moments founding artist Samuel J. Butcher’s artwork has always been inspired by faith, family, and friends. His soulful illustrations of children with teardrop-shaped eyes were first featured on popular greeting cards. When Mr. Butcher saw the first sample of a Precious Moments figurine more than 40 years ago he was awestruck. The sculptor had captured the very essence of Mr. Butcher’s iconic Precious Moments artwork Love One Another and had brought it to life. In that moment, one of this humble artist’s dreams had come true.

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You are sure to bee pleased with any of the products that Beessential offers.  From Shampoos, to hand cream, lip balms to bar soaps.  Body wash, conditioners, lotions and more, are what are in store, and all are made to the highest of standards. So  bee sure to check them out!

Beessential 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Beessential

Pure, Natural, Good.
From the beginning these 3 words became my guiding criteria for every Beesential product. Natural ingredients in as pure a form as possible that are good for people’s skin, hair, and well-being.

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Manta Sleep

I want a pitch black room to sleep in.  My husband wants a night light left on, so he doesn’t stub a toe or bang a knee if he gets up during the night.  Since we work somewhat different work hours (and mine are more flexible), guess who wins?  Yep a light gets left on and it drove me nuts.  Now I can don my Manta Sleep Mask, and it’s heaven.  The mask is soft, comfortable, and doesn’t leave any face creases, so I don’t look silly when I get out of bed!

Manta Sleep 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Manta Sleep

At Manta, we believe that great sleep and daily naps form the non-negotiable foundation you need to create your best life. Everything we do is fueled by our drive to enable better lives through better sleep and regular naps.

Sleep is personal. That’s why we make different masks for different sleep types & challenges.

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Kitchen Stickin’

Ever purchased something thinking, “hmmm I’ll give this a go, but who knows”…then realize it’s like WOW, why didn’t I get this sooner? That’s the Kitchen Stickin’ reaction.  And it’s not just for the kitchen.  Perfect for craft rooms, offices, garages….just take a look!

Kitchen Stickin' 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Kitchen Stickn’

The Kitchen Stickin’™ Tape Dispenser turns tape into one of the most useful tools in kitchen organization. Keeps tape and pen handy, yet up and out of the way. Label, seal, tape up, and more!

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West + Wicker

Such a lovely collection of wreaths and candles, to make your home look and smell great. Check out all they have to offer, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased at what you find!

WEST + WICKER 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From West + Wicker

We work with suppliers from around the world to ensure the most quality, and individual hand-picked pieces.

Our style is influenced by the natural elements of the earth. We aim to help you incorporate these inspired pieces into your home from organic scents to comfortable fabrics.

From our family to your front door!

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Give something to mom this year that’s just as sweet as she is…Ice Cream and Cookies from eCreamery!  They have awesome Mother’s Day Bundles that can be delivered right to mom’s door.  Mine arrived in a very sturdy Styrofoam container and each pint of ice cream was frozen to perfection.  And check out how adorable they are. YUM!

eCreamery 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From eCreamery

Gourmet, handcrafted ice cream gifts shipped nationwide! Select your ice cream flavors and personalize the titles on each pint. You can select from our library of titles, write your own or even upload an image. Creative collections with delicious flavors and festive titles for any occasion, whether it’s a holiday like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, or everyday occasions like Birthday, Get Well, or Thinking of You! Gifts shipped in styrofoam coolers packed with dry ice delivered right to their door! One of the most unique gifts they will ever receive.

Learn  More, Follow, and Shop eCreamery: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


Blenders Eyewear

I sit at a computer all throughout the day and into the night…hours and hours.  It takes a toll on my eyes.  I’ve found that Blue Light Blocking Glasses really help.  Blenders offers the cutest, high quality Blue Light Blocking glasses, at a great price.  Check them out for yourself, or for the mom in your life!

Blenders Eyewear 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Blenders

Fresh. Vibrant. Comfortable Eyewear. Designed in San Diego, CA. Rocked with Pride Worldwide.

Blenders Eyewear was founded in 2012 by Chase Fisher in San Diego, Calif., Blenders produces a wide range of men’s and women’s sunglasses and snow goggles. Driven by a company-wide motto of live life in forward motion, its products are predicated upon a bold aesthetic that emphasizes progressive colorways aimed at an active lifestyle demographic. Now a talented team of spunky and spirited designers, photographers, and communicators, Blenders is one of America’s fastest-growing sunglasses brands.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Blenders: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

American Blossom Linens

I am a stickler when it comes to bed linens, so I was thrilled to be able to work with American Blossom Linens. Not only do they carry sheets sets (in all sizes including crib sheets), pillowcases, blankets, duvets, and dry balls…but they have the most AWESOME American Made Appalachian Ash Laundry Baskets.  These are stunning.  “They include sturdy leather handles that are riveted to the basket hoop for added strength and all of the hardware is brass coated to help prevent rusting. Generously sized at 22”L x 13”W x 10”H, this basket is the one for you! Just like our bed sheets, these baskets are woven to last a lifetime! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as these baskets are handmade just for you!” Choose from Natural, Honey, Cherry, Driftwood Grey (my fave) and Black.

American Blossom Linens 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From American Blossom Linens

American Blossom Linens bedding is made completely in America with 100% USA Organic Cotton. These eco-friendly and chemical-free bed sheets are woven to last a lifetime, and get softer the longer you use them.

You might say we are obsessed with making sheets. Our extended family has been manufacturing in the USA for over 122 years in Thomaston, a wonderful town in middle Georgia, despite the fact that most of our competitors have moved all their production overseas. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 1990 and 2016 there were a total of 516,000 jobs lost in the textile industry. We don’t have to bring jobs back to the USA, since ours never left!

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Sound of Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a great thing.  The Sound+Sleep SE can make a huge and positive difference.  Not only is it it awesome at drowning out unwanted noise and providing a variety of sounds to help lull you into sleep, but it’s also practical.  In has headphone jacks and USB ports!

Sound of Sleep

Info from Sound of Sleep

Sound+Sleep SE is the world’s most advanced sound machine to help you sleep better. It offers 64 distinct sound profiles scientifically engineered to promote deeper sleep, relaxation, and renewal. Unlike other “White Noise” sound machines, Sound+Sleep SE uses naturally recorded, high-definition sounds that constantly evolve and never loop, eliminating all audio repetition for real-world natural sound experiences. In addition, the SE features patented Adaptive Sound® technology empowering the machine to intelligently listen to your environment and automatically raise volume to mask out unwanted noises. With “Adaptive” mode on you get a smart machine giving you the best volume experience.

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc., also known as Sound of Sleep, develops intelligent audio solutions that improve the quality of sleep with sound.

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Audra Style

Bold Bright Eclectic Fun – That’s How I would describe Audra Style.  Check out their selection of Jewelry, accessories, home décor, and more.

Audra Style

Info From Audra Style

Hi!  I’m Audra Sampson, artist, designer, wife, mother of 3, color and fashion lover.  I have been a full-time artist since 1997.  I have made jewelry since 1998 that I sold alongside hand painted bricks and mailboxes at street festivals and craft shows. After graduating with a degree in Anthropology, I opened a jewelry and gift store in Greenville, NC called Artifacts in 2005 that featured my painted glassware and jewelry. I also sold my work in gift stores around the country for 16 years as well as on Ebay, Etsy, my website and festivals and craft shows to retail customers. In 2018, I decided to try to take my jewelry making to the next level and gave it my all that Spring. It took off so quickly, my husband, Jason, began working full-time in production beginning January 2019.  Our corporate office and production facility is in New Bern, NC as well as our Audra Style brand store and our curated sister clothing boutique, AND Boutique, next door at 1910 S Glenburnie Rd.

We sell online through our website and our line is currently carried by several retailers throughout the US, Puerto Rico and even in Australia!  Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram for shop updates, first looks at new designs and behind the scene action in the studio. Thank you all for your love and support!

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Audra Style: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Don Pablo Coffee Growers and Roasters

I have to be totally honest, and tell you that I know NOTHING about coffee.  So, I’ll let them tell you about their Bourbon Infused Specialty Whole Bean Coffee….

Info From Don Pablo

Today, Don Pablo Coffee is a world-class grower and roaster of specialty grade, small-batch roasted-to-order coffees sourced from the world’s best coffee-growing regions and delivered throughout the world.  But Don Pablo Coffee all started with a love story.

In 1989, Darron J. Burke, founder of Burke Brands LLC., moved to South Florida in search of adventure.  Little did he know he would soon meet the love of his life, Eliana, and his life would change forever.  While visiting Eliana’s family in Colombia, Darron fell in love with Latin culture and the country’s delicious coffee.  The couple quickly recognized an opportunity and began to learn everything they could about coffee growing and roasting in Colombia and traveled the rest of Latin America to further their education and forge relationships with other coffee growers.

The couple chose the name “Don Pablo” from the nickname Eliana’s grandmother gave to Darron.  As a native Spanish speaker, she had great difficulty pronouncing his real name, so she called him “Don Pablo” after a character in her favorite tongue twister.

Thus, Don Pablo Coffee was born, and a quarter-century later the passion for quality and dedication to the craft of small-batch artisan roasting shines through in every fresh cup.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Don Pablo: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Rainboots that make a fashion statement and give back.  How can you argue with that!  So many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. You’ll find boots for women, men, and kids…YEAH With ROMA boots on your feet, you’ll for sure what to be dancing (and maybe even signing) in the rain! 

ROMA 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info from ROMA

Roma Boots merges fashion with philanthropy to give poverty the boot.

ROMA is Giving Poverty the Boot Through Random Acts of Kindness and by donating a pair of boots for every pair sold. 25 Countries and Tens of Thousands of Children have benefitted since 2010. #ForYouForAll #GivingPovertyTheBoot #ChooseKind

Learn More, Follow, and Shop ROMA: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Sparkle City

Shop Sparkle City for Shirts, Sweaters, Masks, Tanks, Kids Clothes, Dresses and Skirts.  Sparkle on!

Sparkle City 2021 Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info From Sparkle City

Welcome to Sparkle City, where our specialty is sparkles. This dazzling destination was discovered in 2018. Sparkle City is a place for the fashionable fan who wants to shine while supporting her team. Here, you can find statement pieces that make looking glamorous on gameday as easy as throwing on a tee.
All ages, sizes, and personal styles are welcome in Sparkle City. We are most proud of testimonies that exclaim wearing sparkles for the first time and loving it! Come join our festive community of fun, fashion, and fandom. We can’t wait to see how you style your sparkles!

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