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2022 Summer Fun Summer Travel Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

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It’s summer, well officially it will be on June 31st, but it’s been sweltering here in Florida for months now, and our kids are already out of school.  It’s time to start thinking about summer activities, and maybe even travel.  Check out the great brands that are working with us this season.

Welcome Oh Lovely Ones to our 2022 Summer Fun Summer Travel Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

2022 Summer Fun Summer Travel Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Creative BrainworksB3 RIFTBALL

Fun for everyone…get outside and PLAY!


About the B3 Riftball:

“Checkout our newest outdoor game! B3 Riftball this is a one-of-a-kind #outdoorgame. This game gets everyone up with a familiar but very unique game play. It’s a game for everyone. Sharing is caring – spread the news and get yours first! We do thank all the B3 gamers that have supported our brand since 2017!

EASY TO PLAY: Riftball 2 net paddle ball game system is quick to set up and start enjoying this fast-paced Nonstop on-the-go game.

* This specially designed game system – combines metal construction with elastic within the poles to keeping parts together and allows for quick set up and take down.  Riftball is ready to be played right out of the box with quick set up.  The set comes with 1 Riftball Game system that includes the top pole, 2- game nets one for top section and one for bottom section.  2 – Riftball game paddles, 2- game balls, 1 heavy duty nylon carry bag, and set up and game play instructions.
Riftball is a unique game that has a specially design adjustable dual net game system for twice the fun.  QUICK SETUP: This portable, outside or inside game sets up fast at the beach, in the backyard, for tailgating, while camping, basement or any place to have some fun.  It’s game play is designed for  8+: B3 RIftball Dual Net Paddle Ball game combines interactive fun that will brings friends, neighbors and families together with is awesome game play.”

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JoyAmo Jewelry

JoyAmo has quickly become one of my all time favorite company for customized jewelry for both men and women! Quality and beauty that won’t break the bank.



About JoyAmo

“We are an international company that designs and manufactures personalized jewelry for all your unforgettable moments. Customized necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to celebrate love and your loved ones! JoyAmo, your choice!

After the overwhelming international success of our jewelry business, we decided to create a new brand to cater to the needs of younger customers looking for contemporary and trendy designs.

This is how JoyAmo was born, a combination of the words Joya (Jewel) and Amor (Love), both in Spanish.

JoyAmo delivers superb-quality products, with a twist of coolness and fashion trends. Of course, JoyAmo also offers vintage motifs and patterns but reinvented to fit the personality of today’s women.

JoyAmo’s inspiration when designing new jewels are mothers, lovers, best friends, and families. You can add your personal touch and story to any item, by choosing the number of charms and the special love message you want to engrave (name, date, or phrase)

We are proud to be a part of your life’s special moments and to see the happiness our jewelry brings to your life.

The satisfaction of what we do makes us do it better, for you!

JoyAmo – How does the magic happen?

Your personal choice of jewelry begins its creation process as soon as it arrives at our factory.

Your item is handmade by our expert artisans and checked thoroughly by our QA Team, before being delivered to you. In this way, we make sure that all our products are of high-quality metals and have a perfect finishing.

We create new collections on a monthly basis to give you an up-to-date look according to the latest fashion trends. On JoyAmo’s site, you will find all the necessary tools to create your own intimate keepsake by engraving names and dates, and adding your favorite stones.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram 


This has become one of my favorite companies…ever.  They have so many fun (and some are functional), novelties.  Toys, games, home, and office, apparel, costumes and so many collectibles.


About Toynk:

“Toynk has the latest pop culture collectible toys, figures, replicas/props, statues/busts, Halloween and Christmas costumes.

Our Story
Back in 2001, tired of the boring corporate grind, three friends: Steve, Ron & Mike hatch a brilliant plan to develop a company centered on fun products. What couldn’t be more enjoyable than a business selling costumes, toys and collectibles? The Toynk Toys team has since grown and varies from 40 to 200+ diverse, fun-loving people, depending on the season.
We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
Toynk Toys has come a long way since its humble inception, operating from a small apartment in Chicago. Today, our Gilberts, Illinois location boasts a 285,000 square foot facility, which is home to our offices and warehouse. Visit us at one of the 200 toy shows/Comic-Cons we attend worldwide yearly or, if you’re ever Down Under, shop our sister company in Australia, mate.
Our Peeps, Our Philosophy
Toynk Toys aims to deliver an ever expanding array of cool costumes, trendy toys and hot collectibles to you, our valued customers. Our team comes together each day, working hard to improve our customers’ experience. It’s not really considered work, when we know that our products bring adventure, joy and happiness to life. It’s no wonder that we love what we do and we love doing it for you. Thank you for shopping with us!”

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They have the most gorgeous beach and workout towels.  The XL beach towels for two, are HUGE and perfect for couples or families!


About Tesalate

“Australia’s No.1 Sand-Free Beach Towel. Sand-repellent, style-setting and ultra absorbent.
The world has changed, but beach towels haven’t. They are all the same dull, heavy, musty towels that our grandmother used. So we decided to reinvent the towel from the ground up!
You aren’t boring, so why is your towel? Our innovative fabric allows us to create colors on towels never seen before.”

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Gadget Guard

Check out Gadget Guard’s cases to keep phones safe. Also, the Tech-Clean Cleaner & Disinfectant and the Soapy Wipes.  GREAT for keeping your phone or tablet clean.

Gadget Guard

About Gadget Guard:

“The world’s first two-way protection company, guarding humans from their devices and devices from their humans.
The team at Gadget Guard has worked diligently for years to earn a reputation for offering top-quality products, backed up by truly superior customer service. We work to protect both your phone and YOU with our proprietary technologies that reduce the absorption of mobile phone radiation by the body. We personally use and love the products we manufacture and sell. Electronic devices are expensive; so if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in a sweet new device, we invite you to protect your investment with Gadget Guard.”

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Stomp Rocket

My younger grandkids LOVE these.  I think the only one we haven’t tried is the Stomp Rocket® Jr. Glow.  They will stay out in the backyard for hours stomping to their hearts content. And, shhhhh, just between you and me, I think that the grown grandkids were having just as much fun or more, as the little ones!

Stomp Rocket

Info From Stomp Rocket

“Stomp Rocket, the original 100% KID-powered rockets for active, outdoor fun. Run, jump, STOMP and send your rockets up to 400 feet in the air!

For the last 30 years, Stomp Rocket has been busting the B, “bored”, word with their super fun sets that never get old! No batteries required, easy to set up, and they give kids the chance to be outside and move while teaching STEM principles. Even better? With availability at national chains like Walmart, RiteAid and BJ’s you can pick one up while running errands. 

Stomp Rocket® Jr. Glow

Price: $14.99

These all foam fliers are perfect for the smaller set. They can fly up to 100 feet in the air and glow in the dark for daytime and nighttime fun. 

Stomp Rocket® Stomp Racers 

Price: $19.99+

These kid-powered race cars provide hours of active play with vehicles that race, jump, tumble, crash and perform epic stunts. Kids can take turns stomping their cars to new lengths while pulling off amazing stunts with the included ramp, or race each other to the finish line with Dueling Stomp Racers! Play indoors and out.

Stomp Rocket X-Treme Stunt Planes

Price: $19.99

Run, jump, and stomp to launch X-Treme Stunt Planes! This set includes three X-Treme Stunt Planes (Hovercraft, Tornado and Cobra) all of which can do different tricks. Hovercraft planes hover overhead, Tornado planes make crazy circles, and Cobra planes fly in a wave pattern!. Change the tilt of the wings and angle of the launcher for a new flight pattern every time — a great way to teach STEM principles.

Stomp Rocket® Dueling

Price: $19.99

Battle for the title of strongest stomper with Stomp Rocket® Dueling Rockets! This set comes with two launch pads so friends can face off simultaneously, sending their rockets up to 200 feet. For ages 5 and up.

Run, Jump, STOMP!™   For over 25 years, the Stomp Rocket has been entertaining kids around the world bringing fun, active play and S.T.E.M. learning opportunities.

The Stomp Rocket® is a family owned brand founded in 1993 in Minden, Nevada. What started as a small business with the Original Stomp Rocket® toys, has grown into a thriving company that sold over 7 million toys in the United States and internationally. 

Several generations of children have grown with the Stomp Rocket® 100% kid-powered toys™, earning parents’ trust and brand loyalty. The Stomp Rocket® has become a hallmark name for all rocket launching toys.

Over the years, the Stomp Rocket® has won numerous awards from industry experts, including the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Creative Child Magazine Best Toy Award, ASTRA Best Toy Award, Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award, iParenting Media, DR. TOY Awards.

The Stomp Rocket® has been frequently featured in national media including Good Housekeeping, Forbes, Business Insider, Red Book, Everyday Family, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, She Knows, Red Tricycle, Popsugar and countless more.

The Stomp Rocket® is available on-line and in-stores at such major retailers as Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Rite Aid, Hobby Lobby, and many others.


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I received Morning Complete Citrus®† Daily Wellness Drink, but they also offer a wide range of supplements like Enhanced Algae Omegas, Enzymes, and Essential Amino Acids, to name a few.  Check out all they have in their lineup.


Info from ActivatedYou

“ActivatedYou was founded by actress, Maggie Q. At ActivatedYou, we believe that it’s not enough to treat the symptoms of a problem – you have to treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

About the ActivatedYou™ Community
Here at ActivatedYou, we believe that the message of health goes further than just our own bodies… and that to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to connect with yourself, with others, and with your environment. We go out of the way to consider environmental sustainability in our formulation, packaging, and even the lightbulbs we use in our offices — because we want you to enjoy our planet, for years to come.
New to supplements and holistic nutrition?
Don’t worry. We know how confusing it is so we’ve drawn on our many years experience to give you a starting point. That’s why we’ve curated an assortment of the most potent, powerful, life-changing supplements on the market today. We promise: ActivatedYou will only bring you the cream of the crop when it comes to supplements, and we back our products up with our 90-day customer satisfaction promise. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.

Morning Complete is a powerful daily wellness drink featuring a custom-selected blend of nutrients designed to support regular digestive function, daily energy levels, and overall wellness. This delicious, apple cinnamon flavored drink is perfect for anyone who wants to start each day on a healthy note, and enjoy optimized health throughout their lives, thanks to the potent blend of nutrients included in each glass:*

  • Prebiotics are like the fertilizer for your microbiome. Without prebiotics, the probiotic bacteria that your gut relies on for regularity and wellbeing can’t function.
  • Probiotics to replenish and nourish the naturally occuring good bacteria in your gut, for enhanced digestive function and overall health.
  • Energy nutrients from leafy greens — the kind of nutrients your system needs to help you sail through even the busiest days without energy crashes.

Plus, Morning Complete features five additional hand selected nutrient blends, designed to rev up your metabolism, keep your spirit lifted, help your body protect itself against oxidative stressors, support healthy liver and cellular functioning, and support healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range.”

*Individual results can and will vary.

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Make Summer a little easier both at home and on the go.  Lifewits 25 Piece Drawer Organizer set is perfect for sorting and storing all those little bits and bobs that kids will use throughout their time off from school  They also are great for desk/office supplies, jewelry, makeup…you name it. Their 8 Piece Refrigerator Organizer Bins are just the think to keep snacks easily at hand, as the kids (and adults) will be in an out of the fridge more often during the summer months. And when on the go, the Lifewit Large Cooler Bag is just the thing.  Pack it up, and keep your snacks nice and cold…in the car, lakeside, or even in the backyard if you’re on staycation!


About Lifewit:

“Our homeware solutions helps you enjoy a genuine, comfortable life.
At Lifewit, we offer homeware solutions that helps you enjoy a genuine, comfortable life. Rather than disrupting your natural daily rhythm, we exist to help you create space that is in tune with your own rhythm.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | TikTok | Blog

Mabel’s Labels –  Camp Collection

They have a complete camp collection…don’t let your kids things get misplaces.  Mabel’s Labels will make sure that their items aren’t mixed up with anyone else’s! Styles for lots of different interests. Custom labels in lots of sizes, and custom tags for easy identification.

Mabel's Labels

About Mabel’s Labels:

“Mabel’s Labels is the leading provider of personalized kids’ labels to families across North America. For the last 18 years, we’ve been selling durable and waterproof peel-and-stick labels to parents who want to avoid germy mix-ups and lost items at school, camp and daycare. What began as a small venture by four moms has grown into a thriving and successful e-commerce business. Our award-winning products are a favourite product of real parents, celebrities and mommy influencers, alike!
While our company has grown significantly in the last decade, we’ve never lost that start-up spirit! We have a vibrant, collaborative workplace culture and we work hard, but we play hard, too! From company potlucks to fun theme days, working at Mabel’s feels like you’re part of a big family (yup, we’re totally bragging). If you enjoy the challenge of a fast-paced environment and the company of some truly dynamic individuals, then Mabel’s Labels is the place for you.”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube 

Sunnies™ Shades

Grandkids are thrilled with these…so cute!  Styles for boys and girls, and the Sunglass Straps really come in handy!

Sunnies Shades

About Sunnies Shades:

Sunnies™ Shades are made with a kid in mind: fun, stylish, durable, polarized to protect those eyes. Plus, affordable for Mom and Dad!
Always Polarized with 100% UVA & UVB Protection!

How it all started…

“Hi! We’re Kim & Courtney, and, yes, we tend to twin a lot (sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes not 😂). We are the creators of Sunnies!

It all started when we noticed kids (ours included) stealing their parent’s sunglasses because it was “too bright” or “the sun was hurting their eyes.”

We looked at the sunglass options available for kids and they were either too expensive with up sells for polarized lenses or so cheap they broke almost immediately.  Super frustrating!

We were on a mission to fill that gap and create a sunglass kids love so much they actually wear them, are affordable, fun, protect their eyes with polarization and UVA/UVB protection standard, and in stylish colors and prints!

Enter… Sunnies Shades!

Sunnies were made by moms with kids in mind: polarized sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes in fun, durable styles they’ll love (Mom’s Honor!).

With Sunnies Shades, we now have happy kids and happy parents!  Your kids can grab their Sunnies and be ready to head out the door…no sharing needed!

XO – Kim & Courtney”

Website | Facebook |Instagram |TikTok


Perfect little packets to keep in your purse, diaper bag, glove box…you name it.  Wherever you will have dirty or sticky hands and  messes. With no alcohol, triclosan, BZK or any artificial perfumes or dyes, you can use these without any worries.


About Handzies:

“Our Story

Motherhood was the necessity of invention in our case.

“I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one that needed a safe, simple, natural way to get cleaned up on the go! “
Karen Trenk, Founder

I started Handzies in 2016 because I wanted a way for my family to wash our hands more, especially when we were out and about (which was all the time). No one liked any of the other portable cleaning options…baby wipes were something we were all past and goopy hand sanitizing gels just smeared stuff around and left our hands dry and smelling like a doctors office. Plus, I was worried about using too many things with harsh chemicals especially when we were about to eat.

What I wanted was a portable sink but since that didn’t seem too feasible I started making my own wipes using castile (olive-oil based) soap, water and essential oils. Once friends and family found out that I was carrying my wipes around in a plastic bag in my purse, they were forever asking me for “one of those wipes” to clean up. Realizing I wasn’t the only one that just wanted a simple, natural way to get clean, Handzies was launched. Now Handzies are produced at our commercial manufacturing site out in sunny California and we’re happy to provide everyone with a way to get squeaky clean on the go!”

What we believe

The natural power of soap and water on the go. 0% alcohol, triclosan, parabens, dyes, perfumes. Hypoallergenic. Cruelty free.”

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Starling Skincare for Kids

Kids can get stinky…but you don’t want them to start using just any deodorant , especially at younger ages. Starling Skincare has a line of skincare and deoderants especially for kids.

Starling Skincare

About Starling Skincare:

“We’re More Than Clean Beauty

What happens when you keep trying to find the right skincare but never do? For good friends Lisa and Nathalie, the frustration meant taking matters into their own hands.

Starling’s backstory was born out of its co-founders’ special skincare needs and their shared desire to use clean, chemical-free ingredients. Lisa had chronic immune deficiencies, sensitive skin, and numerous food allergies; Nathalie faced her own allergy struggles due to chemicals used in products. Both experienced highly sensitized skin and were prone to nasty stuff such as chronic eczema and dermatitis.

But despite several years of trying different products, neither Lisa nor Nathalie was able to find skincare that worked for them — even in the clean beauty space. Something needed to change, and they decided to be that change. The result is Starling Skincare, a company designed for people with sensitive and allergenic skin who want clean, plant-based solution-focused products that work.

We eliminate all common allergens and potential irritants. We also eliminate an exhaustive list of toxins. We source ingredients that are critical to improving the skin’s health and aiding its repair. We ensure optimal skin-barrier support is the main function of every product we make.

Starling products are always cruelty-free and made with ethically sourced ingredients. Because we are water-free and plant-based, our skincare is good for you and good for the planet, too.


Our kids deodorant is safe and gentle for your tween (or teen). These organic deodorants neutralize kid-tough odor and keep them smelling fresh all day. All of our products are made with food-grade ingredients. Never any aluminum, toxins, gluten, allergens or synthetic fragrances used here! Specially made for a kid’s sensitive skin.”

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Jax’s Monster Snack Mix

The grandkids love this snack mix.  The individual packages are great for on the go snacking.

Jax's Monster Snack Mix

About Jax’s Monster Snack Mix:

“Jaxs Monster Snack Mix is a delicious, better-for-you blend of kid and mom approved ingredients. NO gluten, NO peanuts, NO tree nuts (coconut only), NO artificial colors. Perfect for a healthy little monster on the go!

Meet Jax.

Jax lives in California with mommy, daddy, and baby brother. Jax is a busy little monster and needs snacks to stay energized.

Jax is allergic to nuts and of course very picky. Mommy Monster could not find a tasty, natural snack that was nut-free.

Mommy Monster created a special mix of Jax’s favorites. Now Jax is a very happy and healthy little monster.”

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Fun patterns like Ninjas, Ballerinas, and  Dinosaurs. Check out The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ collection.  I love the placemats. They keep my glass table top safe from scratches when the little ones are visiting Nonnie and Grandpa! . My 4 year old grandson is excited to use his new lunch bag when he starts Pre-K in August.


About Funkins:

“At Funkins, we believe it is our responsibility to instill environmental values in our children – and for us, it starts in their lunchbox. We are committed to helping families and schools create joyful mealtimes while caring for our earth. 

Funkins are high quality, soft cloth napkins made from 100% cotton fabric. Funkins can be used as both a napkin and a placemat, brightening the table and making clean up easier. Funkins napkins were created especially for school lunch boxes, sized perfectly for a waste-free lunch.
Because they are washable and not toss away, Funkins are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels and napkins and synthetic tablecloths. All Funkins are made with low impact dyes and all our fabrics are CPSIA compliant and lead and phthalate free.”

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Purell / GOJO

Purell is probably the best known hand sanitizer brand.  We always have Purell products on hand, no matter what season of the year!


About Purell:

“The resources you need to put well-being first.

Making Well-Being a Priority Through Science and InnovationOur hand hygiene and surface formulations are the result of decades of scientific innovation. As a result, the PURELL® brand lets you take credit for all the things you do to maintain a clean, high-quality facility that prioritizes the well-being of guests, customers, and employees.

With PURELL® products, you get the strength you need to kill germs without compromise.

Did you know that PURELL® products are made and manufactured by a certified WOMENOWNED™ business? Learn more here: 
PURELL was invented in 1988 by GOJO to meet the needs of their customers – healthcare providers and restaurants who were looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs. Healthcare workers needed a way to kill germs on their hands when they couldn’t get to soap and water. And restaurants were looking for ways to kill germs on hands to reduce the risk of food contamination.
PURELL was a great success, not only because it was effective at killing 99.99% of most common germs, but because it was convenient, gentle and a pleasure to use. PURELL dispensers and bottles could be placed anywhere, so hand hygiene was no longer restricted to the confines of a sink. People enjoyed using PURELL because it was refreshing and gentle.
Soon the popularity of PURELL grew. People who used it at work also thought it would be great to use when they were at home or on the go.
In 1997, PURELL was made available to consumers, forever changing the way the world stays well. PURELL soon became America’s #1 hand sanitizer and a significant part of popular culture.
Today PURELL remains one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It defines the hand sanitizer category and is the brand most preferred by doctors, professionals and consumers everywhere to safely clean and refresh their hands.

Our new Naturals Foam hand sanitizer is great for families! The foam sits on kids hands and doesn’t slide off like gel sometimes does. I can send you a bunch of sanitizer options along with it. Our Naturals line is really popular and comes in a few gel options already. Hand sanitizer is super convenient for the summer when everyone is busy going to parks, beaches, or just having a family party in the yard.

PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Naturals Foam: Help those you care about kill germs on their hands with this luxurious formula made from plant-based ethanol with 91% biobased content. This product has a USDA Certified Biobased Formulation made with naturally renewable ethanol and is available in recyclable 10 oz pump bottles at WalmartTarget, and CVS. Gel versions of our Naturals formula are also available.

PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer 2in1 Moisturizing Foam: Rejuvenate skin and eliminate germs with a unique blend of moisturizing ingredients, including antioxidants and Vitamins B3 and E, which hydrate and moisturize skin. Kills 99.99% of germs while nourishing skin. This product not only maintains skin health but also improves skin condition with repeated use. Hands feel clean and soft after use – not sticky. PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer 2in1 Moisturizing Foam is available in recyclable 10 oz pump bottles at, and CVS. Gel versions of our 2in1 Moisturizing formula are also available.

The rich foam of both products clings to hands for mess-free sanitizing and dries quickly. Both are naturally fragranced with a blend of essential oils – which are all clearly listed on the label. Neither product contains harsh preservatives, dyes, triclosan, parabens, or phthalates.

After 75 years of developing hand hygiene products, we know that formulation is vital when it comes to alcohol-based hand sanitizer – and I think consumers have realized, and experienced, that more than ever over the past two years,” says Dawn Yeomans, Ph.D., PURELL® hand hygiene expert. “While the percentage of alcohol is very important, the entire formulation is what impacts its performance and the user experience – and if both of these elements aren’t there, consumers won’t want to use the product. We formulated these foam hand sanitizers specifically for consumers, so they can have peace of mind that they kill the germs that can make them sick, while also enjoying the feel, smell, and ease of use.”

Website | Facebook| Twitter | YouTube

Blade Butler

So, I’m going to tell you. I’m not excited about this product…because I don’t clean the ceiling fans.  BUT, my husband is SOLD.  When I first opened the box he was skeptical, but once he started cleaning. Well, there is no turning back now! What I’m excited about is The Unlimiscent – their universal fragrance emitter.  So far it’s worked with all the brands I’ve tried (which are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers / Glade / Airwick / Febreeze / Airwick).

Blade Butler

About Blade Butler:

“Introducing Bladebuter the fastest and safest way to clean ceiling fan blades for home, and commercial.


The Blade Butler is designed to reach high and capture the dust that normally falls to the floor while cleaning a ceiling fan. It is 69″ in length, to help you reach most ceiling fans.

The washable microfiber bag captures the dust and saves you time in cleaning only once, keeping dust and debris from falling to the floor or furniture below. Its 28″ length accommodates most fan blades.

Each Blade Butler comes with 1 Blade Butler and 1 cleaning bag. Replacement bags are available for purchase.”

About Unlimiscent:


The Unlimiscent is a universal fragrance emitter designed to work with most standard major brand fragrance bottles such as Glade, Febreze, Renuzit, WalMart Generic Brand, Pura, Airwick, Bath and Body Works Wallflowers, Yankee Candle and Better Homes and Gardens.

Plug the Unlimiscent into a 120V outlet, adjust the emitter dial, and keep your house smelling fresh and clean with your favorite fragrances.

Note: The Unlimiscent does not come with any fragrance bottles.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Georgie & Lou

I hadn’t even heard of Pickleball until I found out about Georgie & Lou. Pickleball isn’t a big thing here in Florida, but I know it is out in Utah and other Midwest, Northwest, and Western states. Apparently Pickleball has been around for over 50 years. I think this bag is awesome, and even though I don’t play pickleball, this bag is perfect for all summer activities.  It holds a lot, and the pattern is so much fun!

Georgie & Lou

About Georgie & Lou:

“The Georgie & Lou story really began in the 1970s when Co-founders Mimi Kuchman and Lori Manzer were little girls, each growing up in families partial to the outdoors, racquet sports and frequent family gatherings. Though much has changed throughout the years, Mimi and Lori still love being outdoors and being active.

In 2017, Lori saw opportunity emerging out of Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the country. She went looking for an appropriate bag to gift her mother, an avid player, and she could not find one that functioned well and looked fashionable. Mimi felt this as well – she and her husband had just become interested in pickleball, and she knew practical-but-fashionable accessories in the space were non-existent. The two had previously become acquainted through mutual friends and quickly recognized they would be perfect business partners for a new venture. Georgie & Lou was born the following year.”

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  • These are great summer travel / buying gifts Libby! Now is the perfect time to get outdoors and some of these gifts are perfect to have on hand. I really like the B3 Riftball set.

  • Some of these look right up my alley! I haven’t heard of B3 Riftball but must check it out!

  • Those labels would be SO handy for summer trips! We do a big fourth of july trip and with so many people, it is easy to get items confused

  • labeling is so important when you are traveling. We are planning a trip sometime in July. It can be overwhelming when you are traveling.

  • These are all really great ideas for traveling! This is so perfect thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Someone mentioned that brand of towels before and said they were good. I do like the various design options. I might need to get a few of them in for different family members.

  • There are a lot of new to me items in this post! Handzies sound perfect for us since they are nontoxic and cruelty-free!

  • This summer we’ll have a lot of fun. Some gifts to make things easier is what I need.

  • So many neat travel items! We do travel a lot and I could see myself using a lot of these items.

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