Add Value to Your Home With These 6 Affordable Improvements

Remodeling your home does more than the beautiful outcome you have after the projects. According to Cost vs. Value Report 2022 from the Remodeling Magazine, the right home renovations can attract up to 100% or more cost recoups during resale.

While planning a remodel, consider projects with a promising return on investment. They include tasks that correct a design or structural defect in your home, and their usability can stretch to the future owners. Garage door replacements, kitchen and bathroom revamp, and upgrades on the home’s curb appeal are some of the top projects that provide high returns on investments.

Here are some affordable improvements you can take on to improve the beauty and longevity of your home while adding value.

1. Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The street view is one of the most fundamental selling points of any home. According to real estate experts, buyers decide on whether to buy your home or not during the short trip from their car to the front door.

For high returns, spare some time and money to improve your home’s curb appeal and make the exterior classy and inviting. Add a few bright flowers, clean the walkways, and plant some beautiful shrubs to make the landscape appealing. A healthy lawn, lush greenery features, and the correct match of flowerbeds may not cost you much but have almost 30% returns on the overall value of your home. Also, adding an outdoor kitchen or paver patio will make your home more livable and lovable. 

Your landscaper’s professionalism and skill level determine your project’s success. Learn the tips for hiring right for landscape projects.

2. Get a New Garage Door

The Cost vs. Value Report indicates that replacing your current garage door with a modern model can attract 93.3% recoup value. The report shows that some regions can get up to 100% and more returns from this upgrade.

Most buyers prefer durable materials like steel and aluminum. But, it’s essential to understand the right kind of installations and repairs to consider. A wooden garage door may not be your best bet in this situation since it’s not weather-resistant. 

High-performance accompaniments such as insulation and energy-saving galvanization make it even better. But, if you love wood for its aesthetic looks, consider fiberglass or wood composites as they exhibit a similar physical appearance but are better in terms of quality.

3. Upgrade Your Home’s Finishing and Complete All Unfinished Businesses

Think of the superficial changes that may transform the look of your home for the better. A new coat of paint, for instance, may cost you way less, but renew the look and upgrade the feel of your home.

Also, think of replacing your home’s light fixtures, painting, changing the front door, or adding a new siding. Gutter covers may not cross your mind at this point, but these add-ons communicate the kind of protection you give your home.

Similarly, look out for any unfinished businesses around the house. Any slight defect on the walls, interiors, or the basement may make your home lose value. Think of the room you wanted to add a carpet to and do it, put up the drywall, and do all other simple finishing jobs around the house.

4. Improve Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Many real estate experts agree that the bathroom and kitchen make up a home’s most significant selling points. According to the report, a midrange upgrade on the kitchen and bathroom remodel offers over 50% recoup value. However, remember not to go hard on the revamps.

For the kitchen, consider adding energy-efficient appliances, installing new countertops, improving the sink and faucet, getting new appliances, and improving the flooring. A new sink style, updated tiles, light fixtures, counters, and toilets are a good upgrade for your bathroom. 

You may also consider turning your bathroom into a universally accessible one. Widen the doorways to make them accessible for users on wheelchairs or include a walk-in shower.

5. Tidy and Declutter Your Home

A little deep cleaning can attract more rewards than you think, especially before listing your home. Spare some time to dust the raised places, thoroughly mop the floors, wash the baseboards, and transfer the junk to a donation center.

Clear the cabinets and closets and check the storage areas for anything you no longer use. After a thorough clean, spot the areas with chipped paintings and re-paint for a fresh, new look. 

6. Add a New Deck

According to reports, adding a wooden deck can attract up to 64.8% of returns on your home’s value, while a composite one attracts 62.1%. 

Thus, adding a deck is one of the top upgrades to give the exterior of your home. Experts recommend going with a (16×20) foot for this upgrade.

Be Smart When Renovating

Renovation can attract high yields in the value of your home. However, watch out since going overboard with any project might scare your home’s buyers. Check around your neighborhood to know which upgrades work since that determines the expectations of the residents eyeing the location.

The Cost vs. Value Report is an ideal source of guidance on which remodels work across the nation. If you decide to use the guide, it’s recommendable that you consider your location, as that narrows the information to what works for you, rather than the whole nation.


12 thoughts on “Add Value to Your Home With These 6 Affordable Improvements

  • I want to add a new deck big time. But everything is so pricey. I hope costs go down so I can get one.

  • My mom sold her house a few years ago, we repainted the interior to help give it a lift. While we considered replacing her kitchen floor, the real estate agent said it wasn’t a good investment in her neighborhood. She had multiple offers in within a few days.

  • I think a walk-in shower is a great idea. I’d also think a deck is always a good idea. The perfect place to entertain.

  • Having a walk-in shower is a really great and an awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  • Great tips! It’s important to improve our house to live better and this for sure will add value to it too!

  • We bought a home a little over a year ago and we remaking small improvements. Thank you for these suggestions 🙂

  • Last summer we re-did our front porch so now our house has way more curb appeal. Next step is our deck and master bathroom.

  • These are great tips. My kitchen renovation is long overdue; this post reminded me of it.

  • Just these little changes make your property value increase,

  • Improvements to kitchens and bathrooms make a big difference to the value of a home. Using modern colours that are neutral is important. I’ve seen people do refurbs and gotten too adventurous and it’s put off prospective buyers.

  • We just moved a few months ago and will definitely apply these tips you mentioned here. Thanks for sharing!


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