3 Simple Ways to Update an Older House

When it comes to older houses, they have their perks and even their negatives. Unlike the standard cookie-cutter houses that you see nowadays, there is so much architectural character that an older home has. There is a story, a past, and more than enough history within an older house. So, in that regard, there is no possible way that a new home build could ever compete with an older house. However, there are some major benefits this can include needing to look into a roof replacement company because the rooves on homes tend to get bad within 20 years.

Not to mention the fact that insulation goes bad, the wiring within the home, the flooring, and there is just so much more. Basically, most older houses are a fixer-upper, and that alone can be pretty costly. However, even taking that out of the equation, there is still a lot for a home that needs to be updated. So, here are a few things that you may want to keep in mind.

3 Simple Ways to Update an Older House / 2 Story white wood frame home with red trim and picket fence

1. Add a new look and feel

This can come in a variety of forms. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to update an old house would be through a thick layer of paint. This can include painting the exterior of your house, but of course, even the interior. Wallpaper is coming back, and it’s trendier now more than ever. So, this could even be a fun option for you too. You can still bring a whole new look and feel just by bringing in some new furniture or switching out the light fixtures too.

2. Update the flooring

The flooring alone can be one major maintenance job that can completely transform the appearance of your home! So, where to begin when it comes to this? How old are the floors in your current house? Since the way houses are built can greatly vary, there may be a chance that updating the flooring could be a bigger job. While you could just easily opt into buying vinyl tiles or wooden flooring, maybe even cork flooring, you may need to first see if something like that will even be possible. 

If you think it may be too much work for the structure of the flooring, then hope doesn’t need to be lost. For instance, if it’s an old carpet, you can easily remove that. You can even lay out some rugs on your hard flooring too if you’re wanting to give it an easy update.

3. Add a new kitchen or bathroom

But why not both? When it comes to old kitchens and bathrooms, they have a look to them that just feels dated. This dated look just doesn’t exactly complement the rest of the space either. So, what can be done? Well, the cabinetry in the kitchen alone can make a huge difference. The same can be said about the countertops in the bathroom and kitchen of older homes as well. Just getting the chance to switch these out can bring your old house to new heights!



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