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0 thoughts on “3 Year Old Wants New Parents!

  1. Oh that’s so funny. I went and got my son a suitcase when he did that. He never said it again.

  2. I was going to apply, but my husband’s hair is thinning, sooooo we’d probably get rejected. 🙁


  3. My bother use to say that to my mom and one day we were in the car and he was being a brat saying he was leaving running away when we got home. So my mother stops the car turns around and says why wait you can get out now and run away. He looks at her and she go so he gets out and she starts to slowly drive away from him he starts to chase the car saying don’t leave me don’t leave me. She stops and says I thought you didn’t want to be in this family he looked at her and said no I was meaning I was running away to the back yard. After that he never said it again. He was 7

  4. kids come up with the funniest ideas! when i was his age, i would of dealt with my parents the best i could, never thinking that i could trade them in for a different set. i can’t wait to have grandkids! ahh, the joy of being a grandparent! thank you for sharing. 😀

  5. That is just too funny! I remember when I was his age I packed my bags and was running away…to my Granny’s! Never occurred to me to just get new parents! LOL!

  6. I think all kids go thru a stage where they say they want new parents , or I dont like you or Im gonna run away. My one son did said that and I said as he went out the door – What are you going to eat – so he grabbed a can of spagetti-os and put them in a bag. I said how are you going to make them? well he decided home was the place to stay LOL

  7. I think every parents goes through this with at least one of their children. We sure did. Our son is 36 Yrs. old now & we still pick on him about the day he pack his little suitcase.

  8. Hahaha! Too cute. I guess some children go through that phase. I did too but realized later on that I wouldn’t trade my mom and day for anything or anyone in the world.

  9. Kids always seem to have a problem that is world-shaking until the next problem appears. Then it’s run to mom or dad for help

  10. I said that too when I was about six or so and My dad helped to pack me a lunch.I sat two houses down the block on a bench ate my lunch and went back home.Never did I say that again and it was never mentioned again.LOL

  11. Haha I have been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately about my friends children wanting new parents or a new one but they can stay if they want lol Must be something in the air or time of year.

  12. It is amazing what kids think and say…it is so funny. Sometimes I wish I had a video camera with me all the time.

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