Relationship Milestones: 5 Tips for Buying a Perfect Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagements, two things are forever going to be asked about – the ring, and the proposal. For the second you need to choose the right setting and the right way to do it. There is no hard and fast answer for proposals either because everybody has their own preferences. Some might like a loud, over the top display for their proposal whilst others want a quiet occasion with a more personal touch.

Whilst the proposal is something that takes a lot of time and thought, the ring is also important. The

  1. Set a Budget

There aren’t any real set rules when it comes to the budget. Of course, most people will have heard that you should be spending around 2 months salary but that isn’t an actual rule that has to be followed. Some people are better off spending a lot less than this and ultimately the price won’t be what makes your bride smile, it’s the appearance which matters more.

  1. Go For Appearance Over Grading

Appearance really does matter a lot. When people show off their engagement rings, they don’t usually list the gradings of the stone of the price of the ring. The words you would usually there are “look at my ring!” or “let me see the ring!”. It’s the overall look which matters.

When I talk about grading, I mean the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, carat and color. Sometimes a stone has a couple of high grades and a couple of medium grades yet doesn’t look as good to the naked eye as a stone with all medium grades. It’s tough to explain why, but it happens. Use your eyes to decide how good the ring is instead of a grading certificate and you should be good.

  1. Consider the Wearers Style

Different people have different styles. Does your partner prefer large stones? Small? Gold or silver? Would she like to have colorful stones in there or stick to diamonds? Would an extravagant ring be ideal or a simple, quaint design? Remember that each bride will have a different preference when it comes to rings – so personalize your choice!

  1. Make Sure You Know the Right Size!

There’s nothing more embarrassing than proposing with a ring that doesn’t fit. It can be hard to try and get the right measurement without giving yourself away though, but it’s very doable. Talk to a jeweler or take a look at some guides online, there are a whole bunch of excuses and techniques you can use to cover this point.

  1. Check the Ring in Different Light Settings

It’s always a good idea to check the ring in different light settings. Some jewelers will set their shop up to make their jewelry stand out in specific sections – usually where it’s housed and will be viewed. Take a look in different areas of the shop, and preferably somewhere that natural light can flood in as well, so you get a feel of how it will look day to day.

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