4 Ideas for Finding New Friends As an Adult

The world might be a better place if we could walk up to someone like we did as a child, ask their age, and become instant friends simply because we’re both the same age, but that’s just not the case. If you find it challenging making new friends as an adult, then you are not alone.

If you are determined to branch out and liven up your social life, then here are four ideas for finding new friends as an adult.

Rekindle Old Friendships

Think about the friends you have lost touch with and what drew you to them in the first place. Circumstances change, and you may now be in a better position to stay in touch. If not, then at least you could reminisce over a meal and leave it at that.

Do you know what a Super Connector is? It’s a networking term for people who know a lot of people in a wide range of circles and are keen to help use their network for the greater good. Do you have a friend or acquaintance that is always happy to set up single people or make a business introduction? Give them a call and see if they can be your go-between to casting your social net a bit wider.

Take a Class or Team

Adult friendships often start with a shared passion for a topic, hobby, or profession. If you have always thought of learning to make Thai food or playing soccer again, then sign up. You will immediately have something in common with the people around you, so it will be simple to strike up a conversation. Even if you don’t meet anyone that becomes a lasting friend, you’ll be doing something that you enjoy and happier people are more approachable.


While many people say that they want to help people in need, not enough people do it. Consider what organizations and charities are near and dear to you, and then reach out. They may not be taking people, but they might know of others that are. Alternatively, put the word out on your social media that you would like to offer your services to a charity and see if anyone has any ideas. You may find a friend of a friend has an ideal volunteer position waiting for you. You’ll be doing good and meeting new people at the same time.

Use Apps

The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to hide at home and still keep up to date with current events. While this has closed people off from face-to-face human interaction, the internet can also be used to connect people. Meetups is the most widely used app for finding like-minded people with shared interests. However, there are lots of options available that can be better suited based on gender, age, or geographical location.

Friendships and meaningful connections with others are important predictors of life satisfaction and happiness. Spending time together is essential for developing friendships, so reach out and start the ball rolling.



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  • I have made some great friends online. I also met my fiance’ on social media.


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