4 Pro Tips to Reduce Pain When Epilating Body Hair

An epilator is an electronic device that removes unwanted body hair from the root. It is fitted with a set of tweezers that move in rotating fashion, grabbing and pulling out several hairs at once. Epilating is a cost-effective and convenient hair-removal technique, and over time you’ll notice that the hairs have grown weaker and thinner, making them even easier to remove.

Epilation hurts, but the pain reduces with every successful session as you get used to the process. For women who’re just starting to get used to epilation, prepping the skin beforehand helps reduce the pain and anxiety associated with it. Now that you know how an epilator work, let’s find out how you can make the experience more comfortable and the pain more bearable with each epilating session.

How to reduce epilator pain

Yes, contrary to what you may have heard, it is possible to reduce epilator pain without a lot of effort. We’ve listed below four effective and easy ways to prepare your skin for epilation, so that the process won’t cause as much pain as it does normally.

Take a shower right before epilating

A warm bath is the easiest way to prepare your body for epilation. Warm water relaxes and distressed your body and helps open the skin’s pores, making it more receptive to hair removal. You’ll find that epilating on moist skin is much less painful.

An even more effective way to reduce pain is to use a wet epilator, i.e. a waterproof device that can safely be used in the shower. The advantage of investing in a wet epilator is that it can be used on dry skin as well.

Exfoliate a day or two before using an epilator

Skin care experts say that dead skin cells come in the way of hair-removal and also cause ingrown hair. While waxing removes dead cells from the skin, epilation does not; so the best way to remove dead skin and ingrowth is to exfoliate the area a day or two prior to epilation.

Avoid exfoliating the skin right before epilation as it can lead to irritation or redness.

Stretch the skin tight when epilating

As with waxing, properly stretched out skin is easier to work on with an epilator. Avoid goosebumps, as they interfere with the way the device moves on your skin. Pull the skin so that it’s taut enough to provide a smooth, flat surface for epilation. This will ensure that each pass pulls out as many hairs as possible, which in turn means fewer passes and lesser pain.

Use a numbing cream

If you’re epilating for the first time and dread the thought of the pain associated with the process, you can use a medicated cream or lotion from to temporarily numb the skin. However, we strongly recommend that you do this only after consulting with your doctor, as they will be able to prescribe a product that’s safe to use.

Lastly, applying an ice pack or cold compress immediately after epilation is a great way to reduce the pain naturally

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  • These a great tips. Be careful with the numbing cream. If you spread it on too wide an area, it can be medically dangerous.

  • This eases my mind about trying this!

  • I’m glad I’m over this. At 70 years old I don’t have to do this any more.

  • Thanks for the tips.

  • I don’t think numbing cream does something special, but all other steps surely do help.


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