5 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs

Whether it’s a post-summer shoe-shopping spree or a treat for that new job you earned, it may be time for new shoes. These may just be fun additions to your current shoe collection or necessary updates. Whatever the reason, these are the five pairs of shoes every woman needs, so let’s start with the basics.


The lux loafer is the new ballet flat inspired by menswear. Either in bright colors or basic black, these simple yet necessary additions to your wardrobe will look fantastic in everything from casual cutoffs to pretty pleated skirts. Lux loafers are definitely a step up in the fashion department when ballet flats are just a little too… flat. The UGG Summer Moccasin Mino is a wide-width, suede shoe with a minimalist design and an easily matchable silhouette. It’s ideal for any event since it goes well with every occasion. Visit here!

Casual Sneakers

Next, you need some casual kicks so leave your workout sneakers at home. If you’re not going to work out, pass on the sneakers. Instead, grab yourself a pair of casual sneakers and pair them with dresses or jeans. If you have to run around town, do it in style!


If your worn-out sneakers look like they barely escaped from the last decade, it is definitely time for a new pair. Not only will new sneakers look great, but they’ll also provide you with proper support whether you walk, run, or cross-train (so your feet and back will thank you). Look fabulous, and show off your personality at the gym or at the park in a new pair of stylish sneakers. Funky patterns and bright energetic colors on your new avatar sneakers will match your mood as you slay your workout.

Flat Sandals

Summer isn’t over yet, so snag yourself a new pair of flat sandals to go with that floral sundress or those cute cut-off shorts. When flip-flops are a no-go at a summer party or a girl’s night out, step up your game with new flat sandals in great colors. There are just so many choices, enough for any occasion, so pick out a type of sandal (or five) and add to your flat sandal collection today.

Leather Boots

5 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs

A staple in every woman’s shoe collection, you need a good pair of leather boots to round out your collection. Whether you’re taking on the world or conquering your day, own your style in cute and fashionable leather boots. You can play it safe with a plain pair, or try something new and be more playful with these fun cowboy boots from Ariat.

Shoes Every Woman Needs

As you can see, there are so many shoe choices available. And really, is there such a thing as having too many shoes? The answer is obviously no. The fact is that women have very busy and active lives. They don’t just wear lots of hats but also lots of shoes. Women need different shoes for every occasion, event, activity, and outfit. So do yourself a favor and feed the need. Be good to your sense of fashion and style, be good to your feet, but mostly be good to yourself. Go get some new shoes!


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