5 Tips Shower Mistakes to Avoid for Gorgeous Hair

Do you wish to have long and beautiful hair like the Disney character Rapunzel? But, is your hair getting thinner day by day? Well, we all wish to have long, lustrous, shiny and healthy hair. Right from oiling hair to using the best products, we try everything to get shiny and gorgeous hair. However, most the times the result is not as desirable. If you are also facing similar issues then you might be making mistakes while having a shower. Yes, shower also affects the health of your hair and leaves it dry and damaged. Here are a few common shower mistakes that people usually do.

5 Tips Shower Mistakes to Avoid for Gorgeous HairCheck these out – 5 Tips Shower Mistakes to Avoid for Gorgeous Hair

1. Showering with tangled hair.
This is a very basic mistake done by women while having a shower. Entering the shower with tangled or messy hair can cause severe hair damage. The more you rinse your tangled hair in the shower, higher will be the chances of hair breakage. To make sure you do not do this mistake, it is important to always detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb before stepping in to your bathroom. When your hair is free from tangles, you can rise it properly without causing any damage.

2. Shampooing more than one time.
You might have heard that shampooing more than once is good for hair. But the truth is your hair might be losing out on moisture every time you repeat a round of shampoo. Until and unless your hair is really oily and dirty, shampooing more than once can cause roughness and dryness to your hair. Do not let your hair lose its natural moisture due to excessive use of shampoo bought availing the nykaa coupon code while having shower.

3. Scrubbing and rubbing quite hard.
Your hair is sensitive, so you need to handle it with care. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing your hair vigorously whenever you are washing your head. Usually, wet hair tends to be weak and extremely prone to breakage. Scratching and rubbing while shampooing can lead to excessive hair loss. Just stroke your hair with your hands from forehead to neck, along the hairline and also on the sides.

4. Not using a hair conditioner.
Even after knowing the consequences of not using a conditioner after shampooing, we tend to make this mistake in a hurry. It goes without saying that the conditioner is very important part of your hair makeup as it helps in making your hair shiny and silky. It removes dryness and roughness of your hair. Always apply conditioner at the bottom of your hair and then towards the mid-shaft. It helps in controlling friction of hair against the comb too. While choosing the conditioner consider your type and make the best pick.

5. Not ending with a cool rinse.
Taking a cold shower is very important for your hair health. No matter how cold the outside temperature is or whether you have a habit of washing your hair with hot water, a cool rinse at the end of the shower is necessary. It will help in sealing the hair cuticles even if you cold rinse for a few seconds. You are likely to get less frizzy and shiny hair if you repeat this process daily whenever you wash your hair.

So, next time while you shower make sure not to repeat all these mistakes. Though these are common mistakes, these can actually damage your hair and ruin all your hair care efforts. Treat your hair gently and make sure you do justice to your hair every time you shower.


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