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During the holidays, families often travel more  than at other times of the year.  Packing light is essential due to luggage fees.  And, when traveling with children, organization is key. That’s why I love the travel accessories from EatSmart.  Yes – EatSmart is so much more than just kitchen scales!!

With Travelwise Packing Cubes and a Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale, packing is a breeze and there will be no surprises at airport check in. The packing cubes come in 5 different colors, so each family member can easily identify their own belongings. Clothes and toiletries stay neat and tidy. These cubes come in a set of 5 – I small, 2 medium and 2 large.  They are light weight, made of extra durable nylon.  Two zippers mean that they open up completely.  The mesh panel makes for breathability and one can see into the cubes.  When not traveling, I think that they would be great for out of season clothing storage!

About Eat Smart

Founded in 2005, EatSmart Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, user friendly digital scales into the US market. The EatSmart product line currently includes some of the most accurate and reliable bathroom, kitchen and luggage scales available on the market today. Every EatSmart Scale is engineered to the highest precision standards, easy to use and uniquely designed to provide customers with consistently reliable products.

EatSmart Products for Traveling



The luggage scale itself is only 5.5 oz., but weights up to 110 lbs. It has a comfort grip handle, 20 second auto turn off with back-lit LCD display.

Affordable and quality is what buyers can expect from EatSmart.  Head on over and check out all that they have to offer. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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EatSmart Products for Traveling

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20 thoughts on “EatSmart Products for Traveling

  1. I really need a luggage scale. I always worry that I am over packing when I fly. The travel cubes will come in handy too. I need all the help I can get when it comes to organizing.

  2. This is a good way to stay organized. Whenever I pack I usually just sort of throw stuff in there and hope it all fits. This is a great way to get it all in the correct order and so I don’t forget stuff.

  3. These look perfect for travel! I am definitely going to look into these, since we’ll be going to lots of places this holiday season

  4. I’ve seen these types of products around but never really thought I would need one. Last year I went on a trip to California and I wish I had had one at the time. I ended up paying extra because one of my suitcases weighed more than they allowed. It was awful what they charge people for a few extra lbs.

  5. I have never seen anything like this before but it would be so awesome to have. These would definitely come in handy.

  6. I’m planning several trips in 2018, and I think this travel gear will come in handy. It’s nice to have the option to stay healthy when you’re on the road!

  7. This would definitely be really helpful for anyone! Every time I travel, I always seems to go over the weight limit, I’m a rather be safe than sorry kind of packer. I’ll have to keep this in mind, thanks for sharing!

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