How to Keep Yourself Cyber Safe This Winter

7 Tips to Stay Cyber Safe This Winter

A parental control app like is a great tool for keeping your kids safe. But when it comes to your personal safety this winter, what tools are you planning to use to keep your online environment secure? Here are implementable ideas to help you secure yourself on the Net.

How to Keep Yourself Cyber Safe This Winter

Create Complex Passwords
Passwords are some of the basic measures you need to take to keep yourself safe on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to create complex passwords crooks cannot guess and use to attack you. This way, you to keep your sensitive information safe, especially the one relating to your financial transactions. For a corporate entity, the need is even more serious since if a hacker can get into our databases, they can access other individual passwords belonging to your staff.

But how do you create complex and unique access codes? First, avoid using your name as a password since it is easy for someone to guess. For instance, if your name is Jane Carrot, it will be suicidal to create a password that reads, “janecarrot1989.”If you want to make your password safer with numbers, it is necessary to use digits that someone cannot guess easily. For instance, using 1967 or 2002 is easy to guess because it is common sense all the people who are living in this age were born in this century or the previous one. If you must use a year, then you can reverse it and add another figure to it. For instance, if you were born in 1989 and you have created a complex password like “rotjanet#,” you can add your year of birth and include other figures a hacker cannot guess, for instance, 198947 to read“rotjanet#198947.” Alternatively, you can place your name in between numbers. Look at this example: 89rotJanet19#. With such a complex password, it becomes impossible for a hacker to guess it.

Use a Firewall
Firewalls walls are great ways of securing yourself this winter since they stop unauthorized access to your computer and other devices. This way, you rest assured that all the devices you have connected to that network are secure. For instance, devices like thermostats and webcams are good entry points hackers can use to infiltrate your system.

Make Regular Updates
To enjoy your cyber life this winter, keep updating all your software on computers and mobile devices. The reason is that regular updates help in fixing the latest threats you could be facing with the usage of the apps. To relieve yourself of the stress of having to update, you can activate automatic updates. In addition, you should set your security software to run regular scans.

Be Careful What You Click On
Keeping your cyber world safe demands that you be careful what you click on. You should be discreet to avoid clicking on fishy links from unknown sources. It is also necessary to be careful with spam emails and so-called offers or congratulation messages that tell you have won a certain prize but you need to complete by providing certain information. Additionally, beware of all the so-called online quizzes since most of them are designed to steal your passwords when you click on them. You should look into a malicious link scanner for additional online safety.

Familiarize Yourself With the Latest Threat

Knowledge is power when you use it well. To keep yourself safe, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the latest threats since the designers of online threats operate with waves or seasons. You have to take time and understand the latest online threats on the Net to take the necessary safety precautions.

Be Careful What You Share
Lastly, it is prudent to be careful what and where you share your personal information on the Net. You have to be extra cautious when sharing details that touch on your identity. The reason is that hackers can use them to impersonate you, steal your passwords, and steal other login information. Even where you are logging into a site you trust, make sure that it is not a phishing site that will trick you to log in and steal your details.

Keeping your cyber world safe this winter is a mandatory requirement. If you want to do so, if we have many options for safeguarding yourself and your kids besides just using a parental control app. By utilizing all the preventive measures we have shared in this post, you will bring yourself to a better position of enjoying online safety and peace of mind this winter.

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  • Great info. Everyone should be careful! It’s a crazy world.


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