Forest Green Sofa - 5 Sofa Trends In 2019

Finding the right sofa can be tedious. It is a major investment you will make in your home and you want to ensure that it works well for your style and for your lifestyle. The sofa will occupy maximum space in your living area and you want it to look the best and be comfortable. It also needs to be durable and elegant, and of course, within your budget. After all, even awesome cheap sectionals can be found!

Here are some sofa trends to help you make the right choice.


After many years of minimalism enjoying glory, maximalism is now on its way to the top. Furniture design has become more playful and more creative. Designers are experimenting with new colors and styles. They have become more adventurous and it is going to be applicable to sofas too. If you are not ready to make a commitment to maximalism, however, are keen on giving it an attempt, you can opt for sofas with a contrast piping or a contrast stitching. You can also opt for exposed seams that give it an over the top feel without the need for a major overhaul of space. Dress the sofa in different layers of bold patterns as well as textiles and you will be making the most of them. Do not be afraid of bold colors and designs. Let the colors play and make your sofa the most catchy furniture in the room.


If you manage to find an ideal sofa color you absolutely love, you have won the battle. Knowing what to look out for in the year 2019 in terms of color will keep the space fresh and classy. When it comes to sofas, color is back. The most preferred option is blush, it is the new neutral shade and it goes perfectly with greys. It is more convenient when it comes to creating a calm color scheme. The color also goes well with bold color options which will be big in the coming year. Consider forest green, navy, peach, citrine and terracotta. These jewel tones are going to be highly popular and a sofa in one of these colors will give you a living space which is made of life, luxury and a lot of character.

70s style

70s was a period of rebellion when everyone was moving back to nature and there were bold colors with rock and roll. The modern recreation of 70s era is more elegant but restrained. It is much chicer than the basic brown sofas we remember. Instead of paying homage to the sofas of the iconic living spaces, the modern creation of the sofa styles use similar colors, shapes, material and pattern. However, these patterns and materials are used in a manner that makes them look fresh and contemporary. Jamie Fielden from says that although Chesterfield sofas are often covered in leather, wool and velvet are also luxurious and stylish choices. Choose sofas in earthy tones for a back to nature vibe or stronger jeweled tones if you like. It will give your room a glamorous touch.

Curved furniture

The love for curved sofas is only going to rise and you can expect them to bring softness, intrigue and an organic feel in your living room. The trend has a major role to play into the return of the 70s and brings with it the idea of playfulness. It will remain a major trend in the coming year. You can pair curved chairs with a curved sofa to bring in a chic feel.

Art Deco

A very inspiring and glamorous period in the history of design, Art Deco will continue popping up and a classic sofa in the style will be ideal and it will bring in a polished feel to the living space. The furniture will be massive in scale and bold in color with metallic accents. It will also bring in a lot of glamor in terms of colors and styles.

These are some of the sofa trends that will continue to rule 2019 and will be prominently noticed in 2020. These trends are also seen at a lot of art exhibits and across different offices and homes. If you are keen on buying a new sofa for your home, consider these trends and make a decision on keeping the same in mind. Do not rush the decision. Take your time and evaluate the different options available with you. Research and check out different designers and shortlist the styles that best suit the theme of your house and blend with your personality.

5 Sofa Trends In 2019

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