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Christmas Trim Essentials All Families Should Have

It’s almost time to pull out your Christmas tree and dust off your tinsel and fairy lights. Whether it’s working out who’s turn it is to put the star on top of the tree, or blasting your favorite Christmas tunes, decorating is a special tradition that many families look forward to all year round. 

With a little preparation and planning you can make your home sparkle this Christmas!

Keep reading for our list of all the Christmas trim essentials you need to add some holiday cheer into your home.

The Christmas Tree

It’s just not Christmas without a Christmas tree. First things first, decide whether you want a real or fake tree. You can’t beat the fresh smell of a pine tree – it really makes Christmastime feel even more special.

However, real trees don’t come without maintenance. You’ll need to water the tree every few days and sweep up any pine needles that fall. If you do opt for a real tree, make sure you’re mindful of where you hang glass or fragile ornaments, as the branches will begin to droop and ornaments may fall. You will also need to invest in a tree stand and even out the stump of the tree so that it fits securely into it.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance option, an artificial Christmas tree can be just as fun  plus they come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

When choosing your tree there are a few things to consider. Start by planning out exactly where your tree will go so you buy the ideal height and girth to suit the space.

Styling tip: A tree placed in a street-facing living room will have a beautiful presence from the outside of your house. You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!

Decorating your Christmas tree is a great family tradition, so get all the kids involved and create some special memories.  

Christmas tree must-haves

Christmas Trim Essentials / Beautiful Christmas Tree with White Fairy Lights and Gold Ornaments

Once your tree is ready for decorating, here’s what you need on-hand:

Ornaments: The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the ornaments for your tree. You can stick to a color scheme (purchasing sets rather than individual ornaments is best for this), or    get creative by mixing and matching colors and styles. If you have young kids, why not let them make some ornaments to add a personal touch and create some sentimental decorations you    can treasure for years to come?

Christmas lights: If you plan on adding Christmas lights (you should), make sure you hang them before any other decorations so they sit properly.  

Tree topper: A Christmas angel or star on the topmost branch of your tree completes the look.

Christmas tree collar or skirt: These are large stretches of fabric that are draped around the base of the tree. Your tree will be decorated from top to bottom, and if you do opt for a real tree,      it will help collect any falling needles.

When decorating your tree it’s best to start at the top and work your way down to make sure you don’t knock off or damage any ornaments as you decorate.

Other interior Christmas décor

Christmas Trim Essentials / Mantle decorated with lights, garland, and ornaments

You don’t need to stop at the tree to create a cheery Christmas spirit in your home. Here’s some other ideas:

Wreaths and garlands: Add a bit of Christmas cheer to your front door, or even a wall inside for some extra greenery. A festive garland also looks lovely draped across a mantlepiece or              sideboard. You could opt for an evergreen style with red berries for a traditional look, or find a more modern style.

 Christmas stockings: Nothing gets little kids more excited for Christmas morning than a bunch of stockings waiting to be filled. These look great hung along a mantlepiece, but you could          even pin them on the wall or hang off a bookshelf.

Candles: Add a touch of ambiance with some Christmas-themed candles for an extra bit of twinkle and warmth. To really amp up the festive spirit, why not choose some candles with a              Christmas scent?  

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Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a great addition both outside and inside the home, and like garlands, look beautiful draped along a mantlepiece or wrapped around a banister. If you plan on having them inside, just make sure any cords and wires won’t be a tripping hazard.

Christmas Trim Essentials / Exterior of Home Decorated for Christmas

Outside decorations

There’s no need for the fun to stop inside. Adding a wreath and some hanging garlands will make your front porch warm and inviting.

You can deck your front lawn with reindeer, Santa, even a snowman. Your kids will love the addition of these new festive friends!

Happy decorating, and remember, when it’s time to pack away your ornaments and other trims at the end of the season, invest in some quality storage boxes so you can treasure your decorations for years to come.

Red Christmas Ornaments with Ribbons

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