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Spring is here and what better time to tackle your lounge room than a new season? Many people love to give their home a spring clean as it can make it much more pleasant to live in once the weather starts to get a bit warmer. Of course, if you have never given your home a spring clean before, you might not know where to start. To ease you into it – we thought we would offer some tips on cleaning your lounge area. Read on to hear what these are.

Declutter as much as possible

First things first, you need to make sure that you are removing any clutter from your lounge area. It is likely that you will have built up certain items and accessories over the course of the year and this can lead to the room becoming cluttered. We’re talking about things like books, candles, newspapers and any toys that are in there. Throw out anything you don’t need and put any other items that are seasonal in a local MA storage unit. If you do this, you can then head back there when the winter comes around again and bring out anything that you might need. Just a simple clear out can make all of the difference in a spring clean.

Clean those carpets

When was the last time that you really gave your carpets attention? In a lounge area, the carpets can get really dirty and this is only natural. Perhaps you have spilt some drinks during Christmas celebrations or maybe you have been out in the winter weather and have brought in some snow. Either way, you need to look at a local carpet cleaning company who can help you get rid of any stains. For example, if you are based in MA, you can look at a company like middletoncarpetcleaning.com.

Remove all of the big furniture

When doing a spring clean, it is important that you get every part of your lounge area. You can’t just clean around your couch and your tables – you need to make sure that you are getting underneath everything in there. For this reason, our next tip for those doing a spring clean is to remove all of the furniture that you can. This might sound a bit drastic but once you move that couch out of there, you’ll see just what lies underneath it and thank us later.

Swap out fabrics

Another great tip when doing a spring clean is to swap out any fabrics that you have in your lounge area. For example, the winters in MA can get very cold and so many people have blankets and cushions in their lounge area. When was the last time that these were properly cleaned? Do you still need them in the spring? You might actually benefit from swapping your cushions out for lighter accessories that will complement the room in the spring. Have a look and see what kind of changes you can make.

Try These Tips

If you are thinking about doing a spring clean in your lounge, then you should try to take on board the tips that we have given you here in this article. For a spring clean to really work, you need to address every issue in the room. Start with removing the clutter as cleaning around this isn’t going to have the desired effect. Ask your family or a friend to come over and help you out. Don’t forget to hire a professional for things like carpet cleaning so that you really tackle those tough spots

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Lounge

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  1. I love this advice! Spring cleaning can be a huge pain but it’s so worth it when you get it done!

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