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Can a house move be good for your health? 

On the one hand, you might answer in the negative. This is probably because of the stress of moving, as the journey into a new home can be one fraught with challenges and difficulties. Of course, many of the stresses of a house move can be overcome with the help of friends, family members, and professional local movers, so never assume a house move will be bad for your health. The reverse can be true, and we will discuss some of the reasons why below. 

#1: A fresh start could benefit your mental health

The houses we live in can sometimes be associated with emotional trauma. This can come from relationships that have broken down or from loved ones who have sadly died. Living with difficult memories can become problematic where mental health is concerned, as we can start to feel the effects of depression when surrounded by the memory triggers around us. A fresh start can work wonders in this regard, so if you can understand the benefit of moving to your own place after a divorce or any other kind of emotional trauma, consider the possibility of life anew elsewhere. 

#2: A new location could be good for your overall health

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Imagine a place where pollution levels are at their minimum. Imagine a place that is free of traffic noise and other sounds that keep you awake at night. Imagine a place that has more opportunities for exercise than your current location. Just imagine. Then stop imagining and explore locations online! A rural or beach location could be perfect for you, as you would have more fresh air, fewer sounds to irritate you, and more space for exercising. Of course, any location that isn’t polluted by bad air, noise, and limited space will do you good, so start to explore the neighborhoods that are in your price range. 

#3: You could escape your difficult neighbors

It might be that you have good neighbors. They could be good for any number of reasons, perhaps because they are quiet and keep to themselves, or because they regularly support you in times of need. But then again, you might have problem neighbors. They might keep you awake at night because of their loud music and barking dogs, or they might cause you stress because of the lifestyle they lead. You might also be in the midst of a war with your neighbors, and that won’t help your anxiety levels any. 

Now, as the following article explains, there are ways to deal with bad neighbors, so a house move doesn’t have to be the answer. But if you are living in a neighborhood where difficult neighbors are the norm, and your nerves can’t take it anymore, perhaps it is wise to move to a friendlier location. 

#4: You could improve your financial health

If your home is causing you money troubles, your poor financial health could also be affecting your mental health. There are ways around this, of course. You could find ways to reduce your expenses at home, and you could come to more suitable agreements with your creditors. You could also put more money into your emergency savings each month, as this way, you would have money available should a home disaster threaten to scupper your finances. 

On the other hand, a house move could be the right answer. You might want to downsize, as this way, you would be able to reduce some of your utility bills. You could also move into a town or city with cheaper living costs. Or you might want to move to a location that is nearer to your workplace, as this would reduce your commuting expenses. More money doesn’t always equate to health and happiness, of course, but if you are experiencing financial stress, a house move could still be the right answer. 

#5: More living space could be good for you

A tidy house is a tidy mind, or so the saying goes, and this is one reason why a house move could be good for you. A home with more living space could help you stay on top of your belongings, without the mental distraction that can be caused by clutter.  More living space could mean more health-boosting functionality too, as you might be able to set up a home gym or a place for prayer and meditation. Extra living space outside could also be beneficial, as a larger garden or yard could present more room for exercise or relaxation. 

So, here’s the thing. Moving home can be stressful, but think of the positives to your health. They are wide and many, so if we have related to you in this article, consider what a house move could do for you!

Take care and thanks for reading. 


5 Ways A House Move Could Be Good For Your Health

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