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Purchasing an air conditioner is an investment you don’t want to take lightly. Making a wrong decision can result in huge piles of utility bills and poor air circulation. When shopping, you have two options to consider – quality lifestyle and budget. You need an air conditioning unit that makes you forget the scorching sun on a typical a summer afternoon. However, you wouldn’t want to empty your life savings to get one. Striking a balance becomes a necessity. Thankfully, you can achieve both goals using a portable air conditioner. Let’s find out from this guide what makes these cooling unit special.

A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing the Best Portable Air Conditioner

Getting the Best Deal

There are factors to consider in determining the quality of life you get from a portable air conditioning unit. First, the cooling capacity comes into play. How efficient is an AC in cooling a room effectively? Here is a rule of thumb; for every square feet of floor space (room length x room width), your air-cooling system would require 20 BTU. A portable AC can cool a residential, commercial, and even industrial interior space, depending in its BTU. For a space of 650 sq. ft, you need a cooling system with a 1,650 CFM rating. If you have an interior size of 320 sq. ft, you will need a portable air conditioner that delivers up to 525 CFM.

Portable air conditioners have adequate energy capacity to cool a home or office without taking much space, compared to wall and centralized air conditioners. They may come with a slightly higher purchase price. On the brighter side, their running cost is low, saving you money on utilities. They also have less impact on the environment, compared to other units that use chemicals to operate.

Selecting an Energy-Efficient and Energy-Saving Portable Aircon

If your air conditioner has a low capacity, it will not distribute cool air throughout the room effectively. In other words, it most likely has a low BTU. Such an appliance would have to run overtime to produce the right effect, which will take a toll on your utility bills. Also, you need an aircon that consumes less energy while producing cool air. Finding the right option may be a bit tricky. Customer reviews provide an ideal vantage point to check how a cooling appliance performs overtime. Look out for the manufacturer’s response to complaints and requests.

Several trustworthy brands strike the balance between energy saving air conditioners and affordable options. Find a portable air conditioner that comes with the Energy Star seal, maintenance plans, and warranty options. Most reputable manufacturers provide customers with extensive warranty. This option ensures that their cooling appliance stays in good shape for a long time.

In Summary

All portable air conditioners are not the same. Several factors differentiate an efficient and long-lasting unit from an ineffective cooling system. They include energy-efficiency, energy-saving, cost, and ratings. You also need to consider the size and weight of the cooling unit to aid mobility. Most portable air conditioners have four maneuverable wheels to enhance movement from one place to another.

A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing the Best Portable Air Conditioner

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