Apartment Buildings in Winter A Practical Winterization Guide For Apartment Dwellers

A Practical Winterization Guide For Apartment Dwellers

While you may love the winters for the snow, hot coffee, and holidays, there is also another side that you have to deal with. It is perhaps the most challenging time for homeowners because you have to struggle with keeping your living space warm while cutting down the heating bills. Things can be even tougher for apartment dwellers because these spaces differ from conventional homes in terms of design and architecture. Fortunately, you can prepare your place for the frigid weather without spending a fortune. Here is a practical winterization guide that apartment dwellers can rely on.

Minimize drafts

The most important aspect of getting your place winter-ready is checking it for drafts. Doors and windows are most likely to let in the cold air, while you should also check the vents, electrical outlets, and other spots that lead outside. If there are visible cracks or significant holes anywhere, do get them sealed before the temperatures drop. Although it is impossible to prevent them altogether, you can address them by installing draft guards at the vulnerable spots. You can even use rolled-up towels to curb the entry of cold air.

Invest in heavy curtains

Surprisingly, heat can escape even from the most solid-looking windows. But you can prevent it effectively by hanging up an extra layer of cloth. Even better, invest in heavy plush curtains for your apartment this winter to give it all the luxurious warmth you expect. While you can keep them drawn after the sunset, pull up the curtains open when the sun is shining. Natural light brings warmth and positivity to your living space.

Optimize the heating system

Even if you live in a rental department, you would not want to compromise with the heating system. Ensure that it is optimized for the winters with a complete maintenance check at the start of the season. If your apartment’s heating system requires a revamp, consider installing a white fireplace by MagikFlame in your living room to get a combination of looks and functionality. Optimizing your heating system is vital for keeping your place warm and ensuring energy efficiency.

Add humidity to the air

As humid air feels warmer, it makes sense to install a humidifier in your living space as a part of the winterization strategy. You need not spend a lot on buying an expensive appliance; just a portable one would suffice. You can easily carry it from one room to the other, which makes it ideal for a homeowner who wants to winterize the place within budget.

Give your place a cozy makeover

A cozy makeover for your apartment gives dual benefits. It adds aesthetic appeal to the place and makes it warm and comfortable as well. Even if you love the feel of natural wood flooring, cover the rooms with area rugs to get warmth for your soles. Invest in warm throws and dainty cushions for the sofas and chairs as they will pep up the warmth with minimal efforts.

Preparing your apartment for the colder months is easier than you think, provided that you start early and do things right. Just implement these ideas, and you can get it done without massive effort and investment.

A Practical Winterization Guide For Apartment Dwellers

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