#ad Gabe and Poe's Positive Reinforcement Dog Training with #NudgesMoments

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I am so excited to be a part of this #NudgesMoments campaign via #CollectiveBias, because positive reinforcement dog training  is the ONLY type of dog training that I adhere to with Gabe and Poe.  My dogs mean the world to me, so I want to do my best for them, which includes training with treats and lots of praises.


Recently we headed to our local Walmart, and while there, we checked out the pet food aisle where we found several different varieties of Nudges dog treats.

Nudges Aisle
The pet food and treat aisle at Walmart.
This is where we found our bags of Nudges dog treats.
Nudges 2
We got Nudges dog treats!
Duck and Beef

Nudges come in Health and Wellness Chicken (Walmart exclusive in both bag sizes), Beef, Bacon and Duck (Walmart exclusives in the large bag size). We got large bags of the Duck and Beef variety. I think that Gabe wanted me to buy every single bag on the shelves!

By the way, our local Walmart has the most beautiful landscaping.  Almost every time we go, I make sure that we cruise around the back just so I can enjoy it.

nudges 4
The beautiful landscaping at our local Walmart

Both of my dogs are special.

Nudges 1
These are my Nudges Heroes – Gabe and Poe #NudgesMoments

Gabriel is my Service Dog.  He is a medic alert and mobility Service Dog, but his impact on my emotional well being is immeasurable.  Having him has made my life so much better.  When out and about, I no longer fear falling, like I did before, and I feel safe at home, even when I’m alone.  When on duty, Gabe is attentive and well behaved.  When off duty, he is laid back and relaxed. He chills out under our  bed or in our bedroom closet.  Even when relaxing he’s “on call”.  With his mega sensitive hearing, he knows when the mail is going to arrive, before the mail truck makes it to our street. He makes sure that everyone knows that the mail has come.

nudges 7
Gabriel “on duty” at a restaurant in town.

Gung Poe Wigglebutt is just as important as Gabe, but in different ways.  Just looking at Poe makes me smile. While Gabe is content to be off by himself, Poe is my shadow when I’m at home.  Never more than a few feet away from me, at most. He is such a goofy boy, and so tolerant.  the grand children love both my dogs, but Poe is the favorite. He’s like the “Kiddy Whisperer”!  So much tolerance.

nudges 3
When Poe isn’t glued to me, he can usually be found with Miss K.

 Yes, my dogs mean the world to me, so I want to make sure that fda dog treats are a part of their lives.

This  #shop post was made possible by #NudgesMoments, and CollectiveBias.  All opinions stated are 100% my own.

5 thoughts on “#ad Gabe and Poe's Positive Reinforcement Dog Training with #NudgesMoments

  • Our little Ruger loves his Nudges treats too!! He really went crazy over them once I gave him a piece of the jerky for the first time!! Your dog sounds very sweet, we think of our dog as family!!!

  • Aww! Your pooches are adorable. I just recently tried these with my dog and he loves them.

  • Our pets are part of our family. We want to keep them happy and healthy but also spoiled!

  • What sweet, sweet dogs! Thank you for sharing their story with us! My dog Daisy looks very much like Gabriel and loves Nudges, too! #client


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