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Another Day at the (Home) Office: Spruce Up Your Workspace

Do you work as a freelancer, blogger or run your own home business? Do you work from home full time, or just a few days a week? If so, it makes sense to have a space in your home where you can go and sit to feel productive and get things done. A spare room, attic room or even a garden room can all fulfill this function- but a separate space free of distractions can be incredibly helpful. Once you’ve decided on the room, here are some of the ways you can put together a great home office.

Spruce Up Your Workspace

Get The Desk Right

When you’re working from home, chances are you’ll be sat at your desk the majority of the time. So it pays to get this area right, you need to be comfortable and have everything you need at arms reach. Start by finding the right desk, go with the biggest size that works in the room without it feeling crowded. this will give you plenty of space on the top to work from. The chair should be something you can comfortably sit in for many hours- this will depend on your personal preferences, so don’t just order online and rely on reviews. Go to a store and physically sit in lots of different models, be sure you have adequate lumbar support, neck support and it’s the right height for your desk. Depending on the kind of flooring you have in your office, a fixed (as opposed to a chair on wheels) could be the best option if you don’t want to wear out your laminate, wood or carpet.

Decide on The Right Machine

When you work from home, your computer will play a major role in what you do. For this reason, you absolutely need the right device that will be fast, reliable and perform all of the tasks you need. A standard desktop computer can be a safe choice as there’s plenty of memory and it can be upgraded as you go. However, if you’re on the go in your business or just like to work in different locations then a laptop would be the better option. 17 inch laptops give you plenty of screen space while still being portable enough to carry around. If your current device is slow or unreliable then you could be putting your entire venture at risk. Invest in something that’s going to perform well and is suited to you. Read lots of reviews, go to computer stores to check out different models and ask loved ones who are in the know their advice too.

Think About The Lighting

Do you find yourself burning the midnight oil more often than you’d like? Escaping the rat race and becoming your own boss could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, but no one is denying how much hard work it takes. Sometimes you will find yourself working long hours to get things done or even to make ends meet- but it’s all worth it. But because of this, one thing you will need to get right in your home office is the lighting as you might not always be working standard office hours. A good desk lamp will ensure your eyes aren’t strained while you’re working during the evening or night. Smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular and can be helpful especially for the office. These bulbs can be controlled from your phone, and you can set the color tone to how warm or cool you want them and how bright or dim you want them. Another tip is to place your desk near your window if possible. Research has shown that natural light is a mood booster and can help with productivity, so when you are working in the daytime this can help with your workflow.

Make Storage a Priority

When you run your own business or work for yourself in any capacity, there are lots of items you will need. This includes things like paperwork, stationery, stock, office equipment and more- and for this reason, storage should be a priority. Having the right storage allows you to keep your office neat and tidy, you’ll stay organised and know where everything is. You could opt for a desk which has a large drawer, along with a filing cabinet, some shelves and whatever other systems suit your business. For example, if you have lots of office supplies, instead of taking up space on the desk how about a wall rail with clip- on pots? Everything can be grabbed when you need it but it’s out of the way of your direct working area. You might have a small, home-based business but it still needs to be run to a professional standard. And that means keeping things in order.

Decorate it Beautifully

Finally, as with any space that you spend a significant amount of time in- the decor is important. You want it to be a pleasant room to spend time in, just because it’s a place for working doesn’t mean it should be dingy. Quite the opposite, it needs to be somewhere you’re happy to get on with things. Light neutrals are always a safe choice, they make any room look bigger which is especially useful for home offices which tend to be situated in smaller spare bedrooms. If you feel like adding a little color, blue has been shown by psychologists to boost productivity in the workplace so it’s something you could try. You don’t want to add too many distractions although some items to make it look homely are no bad thing. A family photo, or possibly some custom bobbleheads bulk-bought to symbolize the most important people in your life, might be a place to start. How about a motivational quote in a framed poster, a nice plant and a decorative object that means something to you on your desk? These little touches will all add up to making your home office a place where you actually want to spend time working.

A good home office could be the difference between success and failure in your venture. It can help you to stay organised, boost your mood and your productivity.


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