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Care For Your Home With These Top Tips

It’s important to care for your home. Ware and tare is natural, of course, but sometimes you need to go that little bit further to ensure your home isn’t only a nice place to live, but also a safe place for you and your family to relax. With winter fast approaching now is the time to ensure everything is in working order, from your floors to the roof, and ready to cope with the cold and wet weather. Different homes require different levels of care, so make sure to apply any advice to your own situation for the best possible outcome.

Care For Your Home With These Top Tips

Check The Pipes

It’s important to ensure that your pipes are all still able to carry hot and cold water around the house. Sometimes, over a long summer of non use, they might seize up or become damaged so it’s important to check these now before you’re reliant on them carrying hot water around your home. If you don’t turn it on from time to time and keep an eye on it you may end up needing a Plumber. Turn everything on and double check it’s all in working order. Test your radiators by feeling them and make sure they get hot. You may need to bleed them once in a while to keep them at optimal performance levels.

Service The Boiler

Another key element of keeping the home safe for winter is in getting the boiler serviced. The longer you leave it, the more it usually costs because they get busier. Try to do it in Fall if you still can. It doesn’t take long and is a simple check to ensure the boiler isn’t wasting energy and isn’t causing carbon monoxide. When you get it done make sure the technician has the correct qualifications.

Check Your Alarms

First check the smoke alarms. You should have one in the hall and one on the first floor landing, in most cases. There will likely be a test button. Some are wired into the electricity, but others use batteries. Whichever you use, if you find they aren’t working like they did or want to upgrade you can pick them up cheap at a local hardware store or somewhere which sells them like amazon. You’ll also need to check your carbon monoxide alarm. You should have one of these in every room where there is a fossil fuel burning device in place. Carbon monoxide is a real killer so this is certainly something you should check often.

Clear Those Gutters

Having clear gutters is important in the winter months. Not doing so will allow water to pool in areas you don’t want. This may result in issues like damp or water ingress to the home. Clearing them is such a simple job. You might even be able to do it yourself if you’ve got the right equipment you just need to be careful and safe when doing so. Remember to unclog the drains too at the bottom of each gutter outlet so that water can be properly drained away and you’ll be worry free.

Care For Your Home With These Top Tips

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