What’s So Appealing About A Garden Home Office?

As the popularity of home offices is booming during the pandemic, more and more households are considering the best location to work from home. The typical spare bedroom set with a desk and chair is tricky to find. As not all homes have a spare room they can turn into an office, homeowners have had to be creative. Nooks under the stairs or in the living rooms make a self-contained home office. For those who only need a laptop, the sofa is the preferred work environment. 

Yet, professionals who seek a full-sized home office have been converting their garden shed into a modern workplace. Not only is it a cozy and roomy environment, but it also turns out that the garden home office has many advantages. 

It is a self-contained space

What's So Appealing About A Garden Home Office?

The main issue that parents have when they work from home is that it’s difficult to create boundaries. There are only so many times you can ask your kids not to disturb you when you sit at your desk. As soon as you get up to pour yourself a cup of coffee or wash your hands, you become vulnerable to interpretations and distractions. But, with a professional plumber and an expert electrician, you can create a self-sufficient home office space in the garden. A small bathroom with a toilet and a sink, as well as a mini kitchen area with a coffee machine, are all the essentials to get you through the day without unwanted interruptions. 

It gives you a peaceful workplace

Whether you’ve got an important zoom meeting or you need to record a video, it’s hard to find a quiet environment at home. You could hear kids playing or the TV in the background. Thankfully, your garden home office offers a quiet bubble away from the house of your home. 

When you want to make a positive impression or have a serious conversation, a private space is exactly what you need. 

You’re surrounded by greens

According to a study by Stanford University, spending time in a natural environment can help reduce stress and find your creative inspiration. However, it can be tricky to go on a creative retreat in the middle of the woods. Thankfully, your garden makes the creative retreat more accessible. You are working in the middle of a green landscape composed of trees, bushes, lawn, and flowers planted in the garden. Nature significantly increases your brain function, enhancing memory, creative connections, and brain activities. By keeping your workplace in the middle of nature, you can turn your lush garden into a brain-power tool. 

It enhances your work/life balance

Working from home transforms your work/life balance. A lot of professionals have been working longer hours at home. Indeed, it’s hard to create healthy boundaries when you work and relax in the same place. A garage home office may not be a massive change of environment, but it contributes to a healthy cut-off point at the end of the day. You need to walk back home when you’re done with your day, which means you’re most likely to stick to a routine. 

Can the garden home office become the workplace of the future? A workplace that keeps you creative, refreshed, and focused without contributing to overtime is the work miracle that every professional has been asking for. And perhaps, it’s been in our gardens the whole time! 



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