Coo Coo Catchoo: The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe

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Kitty Cats are cool, and they deserve a special bed just as much as doggies do! Unlike pups, felines need more than just a place to sleep….they want a bed where they can play and hide as well as that as …yes I have to say it.  CAT NAP!

About The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe

We make cat beds, cat furniture, and fun places for cats to play. Our designs are all original and manufactured in small quantity. We are located in Bellevue, Washington and most of our pet beds are made in the USA.

Our mission is to provide every kitty a fabulously fun and cozy place to sleep and play using high quality fabrics that will look great in your home!

The Cat Balls and Cat Canoes come in two sizes, so kitties both large and small can have a special bed all their own.  And these aren’t just your ordinary run of the mill pet beds.  NOPE – they are fun and colorful…and some are down right hysterical.  For example:

  • Blue Whale Cat Ball® with turtle lining and watercolor stripes
  • Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed
  • Spider Cat Ball® novelty cat bed for brave Halloween cats

Coo Coo Catchoo: The Cat Ball and Cat CanoeWhat fun loving cat wouldn’t love to find one of these beauties under their Christmas Tree this year?

Coo Coo Catchoo: The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe

And what about the Cat Canoe you ask?  Well, no kitty will be left up the creek without a paddle!

Koo Koo Kachoo: The Cat Ball and Cat CanoeAbout the Cat Canoes:

  • 100% cotton fabrics
  • Washable
  • Flexible and compressible design
  • Not seaworthy

Not seaworthy?  This company cracks me up!

Here kitty kitty kitty…come check out all The Cat Balls and Cat Canoes.  Mini Cat Balls, Jumbo Beds, Toys and Swag.  Something for even the finickiest feline. Coo Coo Catchoo!

And here ya go Jennifer, just for you.  A Pug in a Cat Canoe!

Coo Coo Catchoo: The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe

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Coo Coo Catchoo: The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe

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75 thoughts on “Coo Coo Catchoo: The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe

  1. My cats have the Shark ball and simply love it! They go through phases, where they use it all the time and then act like they don’t care about it, and then they’re back to being inside it almost 24/7. It’s so cute, too! I’ve had it for several years already and it’s in as good of shape as it was the day we got it, too.

  2. Love these beds! The canoe one looks like it would be a favorite because my cats love the feeling of being cocooned. (I guess they do since they are always squishing themselves into things/places that seem to small for them!)

  3. Ahh, these are great! They look cute as a decorative element to a home, while providing utility for cats. I’d love to see my cat in one.

  4. Ahh, these are great! They look cute as a decorative element to a home, while providing utility for cats. I’d love to see my cat in one.

  5. These are just too adorable! I have 5 kitties and I’m sure they would love to have a Cat Ball or Cat Canoe of their own. Then I could have my bed back, lol!

  6. We just rescued 3 kitties a few months ago, and we got a little hut from Amazon, but it’s nowhere near as cute as the balls are. I know my kitties would love to play, sleep and snuggle in those. The spider cat ball is so funny! I love it!

  7. I like their Jumbo Cat Canoe a modern bed for big cats – Brown Batik. Also, their Jumbo Cat Canoe in Black and Grey Cherry Pop Fabric.

  8. I love the Cat Canoe- hadn’t seen or heard of it before this post, but I was aware of the Cat Ball. I love that the dog is enjoying it too!

  9. These are adorable! I love the Shark one! I wonder if my cats would actually sit in it? I have tried cat beds in the past and they ignored them, but I have recently discovered one of my cats LOVES catnip (she managed to open a door then a drawer then destroy the packaging to get to it.) So I could prolly use that if she doesn’t take to it immediately.

  10. My cat would love to have one. He is always climbing in boxes, laundry baskets, and anywhere he can squeeze himself into. I like these are washable. I especially like the red one for under the Christmas tree.

  11. I rescue cats and have 9 of them at this time. These cat balls would be perfect for them. The Great White Shark Cat Ball is so cute.

  12. I am in charge of buying a present for my mother in law and have a lot of trouble finding something that will make her smile. She has 3 cats, and this will be PERFECT! It is so stinking cute, I am so excited.

  13. Oh my kitty cats would enjoy this.Also like that the About the Cat Canoes:
    100% cotton fabrics
    Flexible and compressible design
    Not seaworthy..!!!Plus the puppy can join in ..

  14. These things look So neat!! I have 5 cats, so one would be bound to make that his/her own spot! I bet our smallest dog would even try to take it over as well. I love the all black ball and the gray canoe, so stylish.

  15. Love the Pug in the Cat Canoe!! I was just looking at these – I love that they come in multiple sizes because I have a BIG cat lol

  16. We have 3 cats, 2 – 10 yr old tortoise shells and I just got a new Savannah kitten. I bought a bed and they’re all fighting over it. We need one for each lol

  17. I have 3 very spoiled kitties that would love this! What is it about cats that makes them crawl into these things? Sometimes, I think they like the boxes more than the toys. 🙂 That’s the beauty of this!

  18. My cat and dog get along well. It’s not uncommon to find them curled up together on the couch. They even try to share my lap, whether I want to or not. They would probably both try to claim the cat ball.

  19. These beds are so freaking cool! I love that there is literally a design for everyone.The strawberry cat ball will be an awesome gift for my mom who loves both her cat and strawberries.I need the black velvet with glow in the dark stars.I mean,come on,how cute is that?!

  20. I love them! We have three unique cats and I know at least one of them would love a Cat Ball. The available designs are definitely something to be thankful for. I especially like the Shark one.


  21. I don’t know how long the spider cat ball would last at my house. Those arms might get torn off. But she’d have fun doing it.

  22. These are so adorable. I am so not a cat person, but my sister inlaw loves her cats. I will definitely have to mention this to her!

  23. I definitely need a washable bed like these for my 3 cats. I like that they are small and would look nice in your home. Very nice design.

  24. The shark cat bed is absolutely adorable. I would love to have that in my living room. My cat has a couple blankets that he likes to nap on, but I think he would also really enjoy a cat bed.

  25. This is great! I love the clown and spider car balls. I think I would have to get three in sure my puppy would make herself at home and commandeer one.

  26. The cat in the photo reminds me of my Lynx Point Siamese who passed away a few months. The cat balls/beds look very nice and I love that they are washable. Not a fan of the spider ball, but I definitely love the Christmas and shark ones.

  27. I love the Cat Ball Cat Bed , especially the Christmassy one that’s red. My cat’s would love this to curl up in or play with.

  28. Would love to get one for my 3 cats. My dog would probably try to lay on it too even though she’s ways to big. 🙂

  29. I have a friend that this would be perfect for. I wanted to buy something similar for my mom’s cat but he passed away before I had the chance. Thank you for sharing as I now have one more name crossed off my Christmas list!

  30. What great products! It is obvious that someone that knows cats had a hand in designing these products. Cats love to get in tight, cozy spots and the Cat Canoe is perfect for that.

  31. The Spider Cat ball looks like so much fun. We have 3 furbabies who just love to play. I love the bed and know that all 3 would curl up together in it.

  32. We have two mischievous kitties who would love the canoe !! How great of an idea. You can tell they know what they are doing. They are so cute. The kitties in the pictures are adorable to. We also have a little dog named Tiny that would love the beds. (she is an older dog and sleeps a lot).

  33. I have 4 cats who would love to snuggle in on one of these cute beds for your cats.100% cotton fabrics
    Washable which is great when they get it messy from there litter on there paws too.

  34. I have 2 cats who love getting into everything! I would love to have the Christmas ball for them and it’d look great under the tree – which is where they think they live right now lol

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