3 Tips for Your First Trip to the Gold Coast Australia

3 Tips for Your First Trip to the Gold Coast Australia

School holidays and summer days are set to add fun, thrill, and best experiences in your life. The Gold Coast Australia is a worth-watching place in summers. This received thousands of visitors every year. Queensland, Gold coast is a cosmopolitan county in South Australia. This is eminent for elongated grimy beaches, surfing, and waterways. The […]

Nearwood Winery and Vineyards Harvest Hosts

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches was treated to lunch, a tour of the Nearwood Winery and Vineyards, and given use of their space, for a day of working with fellow bloggers.  No product or monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed are those of the author. I recently spent an awesome day at the Nearwood Winery and […]

What Are the World’s Most Highly Technologically Developed Countries?

Technological development has been explained as scientific advancements in applied knowledge aimed at achieving certain desired results. In this relation, some researchers have also defined technological development in terms of internet capabilities and social media use while others use a combining factor of research initiatives, scientific talent pool, and resources.  Military scientific resources, medical advancement, […]

Do I Need an EHIC Card to Travel into Europe?

Many individuals do not know they are able to apply for an insurance card to cover medical expenses when traveling through Europe. This card is for European residents, United States residents, and nearly all other county residents. The European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC, is available to those individuals from Switzerland, UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, […]

Locations For Those Who Love Travel But Are Lousy With Languages

Everyone loves traveling, don’t they? Nothing quite beats the buzz of packing your bags and jetting. Away from your everyday life, we have no choice but to let stress go and enjoy ourselves. It sounds like bliss, doesn’t it? Sadly, though, travel brings stressors of its own for some of us. If you can’t learn […]

Sit Back and Relax at The Red Kettle Inn Bed and Breakfast

Disclaimer: My room at The Red Kettle Inn Bed and Breakfast, was provided at no charge, for the purpose of the posting.  No monetary compensation was received. All OPINIONS stated are those of the author. Located in the historic village of Watkins Glen, NY, The Red Kettle Inn Bed and Breakfast is a little piece […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Salt Lake City

Skiing and snowboarding. Hiking and biking. Visiting national and state parks and monuments. When people think of things to do in Utah, most think about the mountains and outdoor adventure-related activities. And while the outdoors are beautiful, there is so much more to see and do, whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or not, especially in […]