Want A European Trip Without A Crowd? Take A Trip To Wales

If you’ve traveled to other parts of the UK, then you know that as lovely as the top destinations are, they’re often quite full with tourists as well. From London to Scotland, and everywhere in between, major highlights and quaint towns and countryside alike are riddled with visitors seeking a glimpse of something special. For […]

Gorgeous Night Skyline of Porto - Get Your Home Away from Home in Idyllic Portugal

Get Your Home Away from Home in Idyllic Portugal

Have you been considering a trip to Portugal? You’ll love being in this beautiful country located on the western coast of the peninsula of Iberia. Book a place to call your own in its idyllic climate, exceptional attractions, and coveted natural bounties. The holiday homes by Interhome will help you enjoy each day of your […]

3 story red brick building with lovely landscaping outside, with tables and chairs and red shade umbrellas.

Ways to Spend and Enjoy a Long Vacation Abroad

Going for a trip abroad is everyone’s dream. Who does not want to take a picture of the historical and famous places that used to be seen in postcards and geography books? Aside from the beautiful sites, the stay in the country itself should be a worthwhile experience since travelling abroad is usually a once […]

More People Are Choosing To Stay In The US For Their Vacations

More People Are Choosing To Stay In The US For Their Vacations

Going on vacation in the US is something which has grown in popularity over the past few years, and is set to get only more popular. There are several reasons as to why this is the case. The first reason is that because of the economy people are seeking cheaper alternatives for their holidays, and […]

Glamping for Your 4th of July Getaway with Glamping Hub

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Glamping Hub   Celebrate the Fourth of July this year in style with a glamping getaway with Glamping Hub! It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the U.S.—it’s time to get out and celebrate Independence Day! And where better to celebrate than in the great outdoors? Glamping lets you get […]

3 Tips for Your First Trip to the Gold Coast Australia

3 Tips for Your First Trip to the Gold Coast Australia

School holidays and summer days are set to add fun, thrill, and best experiences in your life. The Gold Coast Australia is a worth-watching place in summers. This received thousands of visitors every year. Queensland, Gold coast is a cosmopolitan county in South Australia. This is eminent for elongated grimy beaches, surfing, and waterways. The […]

Nearwood Winery and Vineyards Harvest Hosts

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches was treated to lunch, a tour of the Nearwood Winery and Vineyards, and given use of their space, for a day of working with fellow bloggers.  No product or monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed are those of the author. I recently spent an awesome day at the Nearwood Winery and […]

What Are the World’s Most Highly Technologically Developed Countries?

Technological development has been explained as scientific advancements in applied knowledge aimed at achieving certain desired results. In this relation, some researchers have also defined technological development in terms of internet capabilities and social media use while others use a combining factor of research initiatives, scientific talent pool, and resources.  Military scientific resources, medical advancement, […]

Do I Need an EHIC Card to Travel into Europe?

Many individuals do not know they are able to apply for an insurance card to cover medical expenses when traveling through Europe. This card is for European residents, United States residents, and nearly all other county residents. The European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC, is available to those individuals from Switzerland, UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, […]