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CELEB Luxury Colorful Hair Care Products

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CELEB Luxury

Colorful Hair Care Products that “stand out” from the rest.

CELEB Luxury 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide - For Her

If you want to stand out, one of the easiest things you can do is color your hair – BUT – you need to make sure that you are using products that will not damage your hair in any way.  CELEB Luxury stand out among others for being 100% Vegan & cruelty free, made from plant based palm an coconut, without ammonia, sulfates, peroxide, or paraben.  It’s Food & Drug/EU color safety tested.  These Colorwash Shampoos and Colorditioner Conditioners will keep your hair feeling great while giving you stunning color.

Viral Colors: Vivids are for blondes and browns. Pastels colors are for blondes. Gem lites: are naturals for blondes, reds and browns. Use Bondfix when needing deep conditioning.

Viral Colors

  • Vivid purple
  • Vivid red
  • Vivid magenta
  • Vivid blue
  • Vivid green
  • Pastel silver
  • Pastel light pink
  • Pastel rose gold
  • Pastel lilac
  • Pastel coral

Gem Lites

  • Flawless Diamond  – Platinum blonde
  • Silvery Diamond – Silver blonde
  • Sunstone – Light golden blonde
  • Sandy Opal – Sandy blonde
  • Fire Opal – Copper
  • Ruby – Bright red
  • Amber – Copper brown
  • Cocoa quartz – Light brown
  • Star sapphire – Medium brown
  • Brown tahitian pearl – Dark brown/black

Just look at the beautiful colors that can be achieved with these products!


Info from CELEB Luxury

Celeb Luxury solves the #1 problem with all hair color…FADE, because all clear shampoos and conditioners take out color. Our products add color back in and stop color fade without damage. Consumers have been looking for a better way to maintain their fresh-looking color and to protect their salon investment. It’s color insurance for your hair.

Celeb Luxury is the next generation of color care. 

We have always been dedicated to creating innovative, superior products that inspire passion and empower professional hairdressers and colorists to raise the expectations of their own creativity. As a hairdresser own company and inventor of the first color depositing shampoos and conditioners, our products are developed by professionals for professionals with award-winning innovation and technology.


Celeb Luxury color depositing shampoos and conditioners stop color from fading, keeping hair color bright and fresh while repairing hair at the same time. No other brand has our patented technology, depth of color deposit and breadth of choice of vivid, pastel and natural colors in shampoos and bond-rebuilding conditioners.

GEM LITES has amazing natural tones in blonde, red and brown Colorwash Shampoos and Colorditioner Conditioners with BondFix Bond Repair.

VIRAL has vivid and pastel fashion colors in Colorwash Shampoos and Colorditioner Conditioners with BondFix Bond Repair.

Colors are so bright and vivid, even when used on darker hair!

So, if you are looking for great color that won’t damage your hair, look no further than CELEB Luxury. What color is our favorite?

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