Choosing the Right Engagement Ring for Her Personality

Which Engagement Ring is Right for Her?

When trying to decide on which ring to get your significant other to wear for the rest of their life you will definitely want to keep their personality and lifestyle in mind. The question you have to ask yourself is what engagement ring will fit their personality? Below is a basic guide that will help you to answer this question so you can pick the best fit when it comes to rings for your special girl.

Once you have made the decision to look into rings so that you can pop the big question, you will want to think about what this person is like. Are they someone who dresses more conservatively and is rather quiet and traditional or are they more outgoing and wear fun and really loud clothes? Keeping these thoughts in mind while shopping for a ring will definitely help you to pick out the right ring for your bride-to-be.

Cutting It

When considering the cut of the diamond you will most likely be looking at the Princess Cut, the Round Cut, the Emerald Cut and the Heart Cut.

The Princess Cut is more of a modern, square cut that will blind you with its sparkle. This is for the girl that wants to be the center of attention.

The Round Cut is more of a classic pick and is the most popular choice. This is for the woman who craves stability, balance, and tradition.

The Emerald Cut is a rectangular cut that reminds the wearer of power and strength. This is for the woman who is decisive and sophisticated.

The Heart Cut is for the woman who is into love, devotion and of course romance. This is for the girl who daydreams about romantic situations and her “happily ever after”.

The City Girl

Is your special girl a city girl, someone who is fashion-forward, a woman of power who still likes to go out with her friends to enjoy a night out on the town? If this is your girl then you might want to consider a bezel setting. This setting has a thin metal band that goes all the way around the diamond itself. Consider a ring that has a wide band with very intricate details for this type of girl.

The Fashion Star

If you have a total fashionista that you have absolutely fallen in love with you will want to consider a ring that hasn’t just been picked out at a regular display case. Put some thought into the ring and maybe find a way to go about having the ring designed specifically for her. Whatever way you decide to design the ring make sure the diamond stands out strong on the ring.

The Traditionalist

If you have a more traditional lady on your hands, she is the type that probably grew up thinking of exactly how their wedding would go and planning everything from the proposal to walking down the aisle. You should probably consider a more vintage ring if this is your girl. They have simple bands with more elegant diamond cuts. You may need to go to a specialist vintage ring seller for this. The traditional woman will definitely prefer a classic simple diamond setting.

The Nature Lover

Lastly, if your girl is more the outdoorsy type or a nature lover, then you will want to think about getting a ring that will incorporate some of the organic elements your girl loves so much. There are all kinds of ideas out there that you can incorporate such as leaves, flowers or even vines. If she is the type that likes to do a lot of outdoor activities or sports just remember to get the stone set as close to her finger as possible so that there is minimal risk of the stone getting snagged on something.

The Personal Touch

Of course, people can’t be slotted into such easy boxes. These are just simple ideas that allow you to get you thinking in the right direction. Consider the jewelry she currently wears and the type of rings she likes. Consider asking her friends or family for advice, or casually bringing up the topic in conversation. You can always include your partner in the choosing of the engagement ring – whether before you propose or after. During the proposal you can use a placeholder ring and then search together for the ultimate ring that your girl loves.

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