Comfort Underfoot: The Best Carpet Materials out There!

If you want to create a comfortable living room it’s not just about the furniture, but it’s about what you put underneath your feet. These days carpets are not always popular, but many people want to add an extra layer of comfort to their home, which is why the right material is crucial.

If you don’t know where to begin, let’s show you some of the best carpet materials and fibers for your living spaces.


Many carpet installation companies swear by wool as being the best carpet fiber. It’s environmentally friendly, renewable, and it is luxurious against your feet. It is a resilient fiber, and naturally flame resistant, this is an ideal material in homes with high levels of foot traffic. If you’ve got kids running back and forth, and forgetting to take their muddy shoes off, wool is perfect because it resists dirt, and is easy to maintain. The downside of wool is that it is a very expensive material. It can also absorb moisture pretty quickly, which can give rise to mold and mildew if you’ve got a damp home.


Polyester is a good blend of recycled plastics and is cheaper than wool. Polyester is a green option because of the levels of polyethylene terephthalate and makes the fibers stronger, so they last longer. A perfect choice for those who don’t have much money to spend on a wool carpet that is looking for a green option. On the downside, it requires replacing a lot more frequently than other carpets. It can also lose its texture in high-traffic areas. This is why you find it in rental properties. If you are looking to put down a cheap carpet that will only last a couple of years, polyester is your best bet.


In comparison to wool, this is a more affordable version. Nylon is a great fit for homes with high traffic, making them a perfect choice for hallways and stairs. If you live in a damp home, nylon carpets are highly resistant but are not necessarily a good choice for environmentally friendly individuals. It is made from petroleum, like plastic, and while nylon carpets can be recycled now, if you are looking to spy a deal with an old nylon carpet, you may find yourself with something that doesn’t suit your needs and can damage the planet slightly.


Also known as olefin, this is a great choice for areas like basements and porches because of its moisture and mildew-resistant properties. It is also a less expensive carpet, making it an ideal outdoor version of polyester. However, it is not a very resilient material and can lose its texture quickly. This also means that there are few options in terms of the styles. If you’re looking for a high-quality version, you would be better off with triexta or smartstrand.

There are many carpet materials around. If you are looking for materials that go the distance, it’s important to do your research, and also think about what the best environment would be for your chosen carpet.


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