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Getting More Responsible In Your Style

When it comes to crafting a look for yourself, it’s about more than just what kind of aesthetic or style that you like. What you wear and how you style yourself also communicate about you and your values. You might have started to become a lot more aware of the fact that we’re facing a climate crisis, potentially within our lifetime. But what can you do about it when it comes to your look?

Here are a few ways of being more responsible in your style.

Saying no to fast fashion

One of the biggest sources of waste in the fashion world is the idea of “fast fashion.” This is the quickly rising look that relies on cheap, trendy clothing that takes fashion ideas and reproduces them as quickly and cheaply as possible. While it’s a cheap way to add some style to your wardrobe, it does also make it hard to have your own individual look. It also results in a ton of waste due to how low quality this type of clothing tends to be, meaning more of it gets thrown out more quickly.

Sourcing your outfits more ethically

Depending on where you look, thrift store shopping can be incredibly rewarding. Cities, in particular, tend to see a lot more in line with modern fashions if you’re willing to do a little digging. Of course, thrift stores aren’t the only way to do fashion more ethically. There are sustainable fashion brands that will take all manner of measures to reduce waste in the production line, such as using recycled materials or having as little packaging in their supply line as possible.

Choosing natural beauty 

A lot of women use a lot of beauty products to make sure that they look their best. This isn’t going to be a diatribe saying that you should abandon your routine and go full au natural. Rather, you should click here to see top blog on natural beauty posts and products to see just a taste of the wider options that are available to you. From DIY concoctions you can make at home to highlights of brands that don’t use as many air-polluting chemicals, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your skincare, haircare, and beauty remains responsible.

Going cruelty-free

If you’re particularly sympathetic to the cause of animal cruelty, then you should be aware of just how much of it there is in the beauty and fashion industry. Animal testing is incredibly widespread and the use of animal products in fashion is still a big trend, especially in the leather industry. To that end, you should take a look at the brands that profess to be animal cruelty-free when it comes to buying both clothes and beauty products to make sure that as few living creatures are harmed to make your style as possible.

At the end of the day, how much you dedicate yourself and your choices to your values is up to you. However, the above options show that it is possible.

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