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Five Reasons To Think About Development As A Career

With everything that has been happening in the world recently, more and more people are looking at changing careers or making the move to work from home. But, what type of job do you choose? Freelancing opens up the opportunity to work in many different fields and use your existing skills to offer a service, but if you are looking for a career that is going to get you through to retirement, you need to think about what skills will be relevant in the future too. We all know that technology is one of the fastest-growing industries, so it would make sense that a career in this area would be a good one to consider. 

Five Reasons To Think About Development As A Career

One of the most well-known careers in technology is web development, however, it is often seen as something you see in movies, out of reach, or get put off by questions such as what is an API?.

 But, there are many reasons why you should choose a career in web development, let’s have a look at some of them below: 

It’s One Of The Top 10 Earners In Technology Jobs

 As a developer, you can earn around £60,000 in the UK a year and around $120,000 in the US. The earning are among some of the highest in the technology industry. It doesn’t necessarily matter how experienced you are either, if you put the time and commitment into your work, the earning potential as a programmer is brilliant. 

You Can Grow And be Creative

Technology is a brilliant field for people who are creative. Coming up with new solutions ot problems and designing is a daily task when you are a developer, so it’s not all about attention to detail. Coupled with on-the-job learning and you are almost guaranteeing that no working day will be the same as the last. 

Web Developers Are Sought After

 According to recent data, web developers are currently in the top ten for jobs that are difficult to fill. With the future of technology, and mobile still looking forward, there is no sign of it stopping any time soon. Therefore, if you have the skills there could be a huge pool of jobs waiting for you to apply for. You could even set up as a freelance web developer, which is one of the most common positions. 

There Is A Strong Community 

As a developer, you will never be alone. Developers right across the globe love to share ideas, projects, and best practices. They like to get feedback, learn new skills, and see the latest hacks. You will always be part of a strong community full of like-minded people who will support you

Hands-On Learning 

Anyone can become a developer. There are many great learning resources online, many of them are free to use too. If you get stuck, there is always someone who is on hand to help too. If you love learning and constantly adding to your skillset then development could be your perfect fit. 

These are five very good reasons for you to become a developer. Do you have any other reasons? Please share them in the comment below. 


Five Reasons To Think About Development As A Career

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